APRIL 2019: Burning Questions Asked and Answered

The proposed location for the Palisades Dog Park would be along Temescal Canyon Road.

Question: When will Pacific Palisades finally get a dog park?

Palisadians have long sought an off-leash dog park in the community. The stumbling block has been two-fold: location and funding.

In the first positive development in years, it was announced at the Park Advisory Board meeting on April 17 that a portion of the $92,000 in Quimby funds dedicated to the Palisades Recreation Center will pay for an environmental study at the proposed site on lower Temescal Canyon Park (just north of PCH).

Answer: Quimby funds have not been turned over and Measure A funds have not been appropriated for the dog park. Organizers are confident they can raise money for a park, but before starting a fundraising campaign they want a California Environmental Quality Act assessment. The CEQA would be paid for by Quimby or Measure A funds.

Question: What ever happened to the person on a motorized scooter that hit Father Liam Kidney on April 13 and sent him to the hospital.

 Answer: Nothing. CTN contacted Pacific Palisades Community Council President George Wolfberg, who said that PPCC has had only one or two informational briefings regarding scooters and no action was taken or motions made. “I hope for Father Kidney’s speedy and complete recovery,” he said.

Former Lutheran Pastor Kenneth Davis and his daughter were the subjects of threats.

Question: Whatever happened to the woman who threatened Pastor Kenneth Davis and his daughter in Ralphs’ parking lot? The blatant racism was sickening.

Answer: Still on hold. Although the woman was eventually identified, as recently as December no actions have been taken. On November 25, the detective told Circling the News: “This case is at the District Attorney’s Office. The DA had other requests for information that I had to provide. The DA now has that information and it is under review by their office. The DA has several cases such as these and it takes time for them to review and process each case. This is outside law enforcement control (LAPD). Once there is a decision by the DA they will submit for a warrant, then I will be able to effect an arrest. I am waiting just like everyone else.”

The day after the flames were out along Palisades Drive, only one lane of traffic was still open.

Question: How easy is it to evacuate Pacific Palisades?

Answer: Based on a USA Today report, an April 25 NBC Los Angeles story (“California Cities with the Worst Wildfire Evacuation Routes”) listed Pacific Palisades 90272 as one of 13 neighborhoods that could experience problems. (Visit:nbclosangeles.com/news/local/California-Wildfire-Evacuation-Routes-Analysis-509083321.html)

Second Answer: Ask the people who were stuck on Sunset or live in the Highlands during the fires that threatened Pacific Palisades the end of October and early November if it was easy to get in or out.

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