Window Between Worlds Introduces Free Art Workshop

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As people are “trapped” in their homes, and errands are confined to a run to the grocery store or restaurant take-out, stress can mount.

The national healing arts nonprofit, A Window Between Worlds (AWBW), is offering a free resource for people of all ages to help with anxiety and pressure: art.

Each Tuesday, AWBW releases two new art prompts with printable worksheets in English and Spanish, through its website ( and social media channels (@awbworg).

Each Thursday at 1 p.m., an AWBW guest guides viewers through a grounding exercise and shares their personal experience with the week’s art workshops in a 20-minute Facebook Live session.

“We understand the new and growing pressures that so many are facing as they are trying to manage these changes,” said Zachery Scott, executive director of AWBW. “We believe it is imperative to adjust our regular programs to meet the needs of the community and hopefully strengthen their emotional literacy and coping skills along the way.”

Since its founding in 1991 by Pacific Palisades resident Cathy Salser, A Window Between Worlds’ arts programming has provided the creation of art as a tool for empowerment and healing to over a quarter million adults and children who have experienced violence and trauma.

AWBW has found that creating art is a proven method of relieving stress and building resilience, both crucial to maintaining the overall well-being of individuals and families. These engaging, therapeutic and accessible activities are an opportunity to take a step back and creatively process and explore experiences, feelings and needs as people adjust to new ways of living.

Like many, Hillary and her husband, who are parents of a 6-year old and a 7-year-old, are currently both at home all day. They have tried the worksheets and Hillary told AWBW, “I learned a lot about my children’s individual needs and a lot about my own. During times of stress, our creations have been a positive tool allowing us to check in and see where we are aligned and where we need to focus.”

The series is also being utilized by human service providers across the country unable to meet with their clients in person. “Often times [people] have bottled up feelings that they do not share with one another,” said Ramona, an AWBW art workshop facilitator, said. “This workshop series has been helpful in spurring ideas of how to do therapy via the phone or virtually.”

AWBW trains and supports over 500 facilitators at 250 partnering social service agencies nationally and internationally in empowering individuals and communities through a transformative arts curriculum.

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  1. Karen says:

    Is the class posted on You Tube for those not on Facebook?

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