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Three of the six Pacific Palisades residents who are members of the Angel City Chorale, Marian Niles (left), Harry Eden and Kathy Jackson would like your vote for ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Angel City Chorale Performs on “America’s Got Talent”

Live Quarter Finals Are Tuesday, Aug. 14


For the Angel City Chorale’s two previous appearances on “America’s Got Talent,” it was the judges who enthusiastically kept the choir on the show.

Now, the power to keep an act in competition goes to the people.

Tuesday, August 14, starting at 8 p.m., the Angel City Chorale will be one of several acts returning to perform live in the quarter-finals on NBC. To stay in the show, they’ll need viewers at home to vote. Voting begins during this live show and continues until 4 a.m. Pacific Time, the following morning.

The chorale’s founder and conductor, West L.A. resident Sue Fink, is trying to spread the word. She’s sent an email with instructions to “vote early and often.” Seriously, that’s how it works at this point on “America’s Got Talent.”  She says “there are four ways to vote, and you can vote for us up to 10 times with each method.”

Those voting methods are:

  1. – Vote online at
  2. – Vote using a toll-free number provided during the broadcast.
  3. – Download the “America’s Got Talent” App and vote through it. NBC says that’s the easiest and quickest way to vote.
  4. – Xfinity X1 customers can vote via their set-top box by saying “Vote for AGT” into the X1 voice remote or by pressing the remote’s Info button.

For information about “saving” an act that may be in trouble during the results show Wednesday evening, details are here:

While potential voters get familiar with the system, members of the Angel City Chorale, including several singers from Pacific Palisades, have been getting ready for their performance on Tuesday’s live show. They’ve been rehearsing at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

And they’ve been reading postings of well-wishers.

“Thanks for sharing your love. I can feel it all the way here in South Africa.  All the very best for Tuesday.”

“Can’t wait to see what you are going to do Tuesday. It’s like opening a present.”

“You show us that if you get one drop of love, you can give away a whole bucket of love!!”







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