Public Schools Underway in Palisades

By 7:30 a.m., parents and students were waiting for doors to open at Palisades Elementary.

The Unofficial End of Summer

Although summer doesn’t officially end until September 22, Los Angeles Unified School District started school on Tuesday, August 14. The five charter elementary schools, Palisades, Marquez, Canyon, Topanga and Kenter, and Paul Revere Charter Middle School all opened their doors Tuesday.

Teachers were at school on Monday for a professional development day and to get classrooms in order.

In addition to bringing Kleenex and paper towels for the classrooms, one of the parents at Palisades Elementary carried a bouquet of flowers for his daughter’s teacher.

Cars and buses were backed up on Temescal Canyon Road as nearly 3,000 students tried to get to Palisades High School before classes started at 7:50 a.m.

Palisades Charter High School, which had two staff professional development days,  welcomed back students back on Wednesday, August 15. Principal Pam Magee returns for her seventh year (Visit: or call: 310-230-6623).

Pali Elementary students pose for parents by the front of the school.

Pali Elementary Principal Gary Saunders starts his second year (Visit: or call: 310-454-3700).

Marquez Elementary Principal Ben Meritt, who started in January 2016, returns (Visit: or call: 310-454-4019).

Canyon Elementary Principal Nicole Sheard, who started in 2014-2015, returns for her fifth year (Visit: or call: 310-454-7510).

Topanga Elementary Principal Steve Gediman starts his fifth year (Visit: or call 310-455-3711).

Kenter Canyon Elementary’s long-time principal Dr. Terry L. Moren returns this year (Visit: or call 310-472-5918).

Paul Revere Middle School Principal Tom Iannucci, who started in 2015, returns this year (Visit: or call 310-917-4800).

Private Schools start later this month or after Labor Day and include:

Calvary Christian Head of School is Vince Downey, who came to Pacific Palisades in 2012-2013. First day of school is September 4 (Visit: or call 310-573-0082).

Corpus Christi has a new principal, Suzanne Stewart Duffy. School starts on August 28 (Visit: or call: 310-454-9411).

St. Matthews Parish School starts on September 5 with new Head of School Ed Kim (Visit: or call: 310-454-1350).

The Westside Waldorf School McComb Campus with Administrative Chair Ellie Jenkins starts on September 17 (Visit: or 310-454-7064).

Seven Arrows Elementary’s Head of School Margarita Pagliai returns this year when school starts on September 6 (Visit: or 310-230-0257).

Village School’s Head of School Nora Malone will be back when classes start on August 28. (Visit: or 310-459-8411).

Students walked to their first day of classes at their neighborhood school.

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  1. Nicole Sheard says:

    Just a minor correction, it’s my 5th year at Canyon.

  2. Sue says:


    Thanks. I’ll make the change. Canyon is lucky to have such a great principal.


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