Vittorio’s Ristorante Temporarily Closed on Marquez

Vanessa Pellegrini stands in front of presents that were given to foster children in 2018. Please consider donating a gift.

Circling the News received a January 1 email from Vanessa Pellegrini, one of the co-owners of Vittorio Ristorante on Marquez.

“We had an employee test positive this morning. Out of an abundance of caution for our customers and staff, we are closing until January 12, per CDC (Centers for Disease Control),” Pellegrini said. “We will be doing a deep cleaning of the restaurant and all employees must provide two negative tests prior to coming back to work.”

She added, “We wanted to let the community know that we are taking this very seriously, and with that, we will not be open until Tuesday, January 12.”

Many will remember that Vittorio’s has sponsored an annual holiday toy drive for the past 11 years.

Residents will be waiting for the restaurant to reopen to nab those wonderful little garlic bread knobs, among other culinary delights. Visit: or call (310) 459-9316.

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  1. Jon says:

    Yikes! First Vida and now Vittorios’s. Our prime go-to’s for takeout during Covid. Here’s hoping for both to return!

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