Village Green Meeting Will be Held April 12

The Village Green is a private park, which serves as the heart and soul of Pacific Palisades. Located between Sunset Boulevard, Swarthmore Avenue and Antioch, the triangular park provides a respite for teens and seniors and serves as safe place to wait for public transportation.

A meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12, at the Palisades Branch Library Community Room, 861 Alma Real.

The agenda will cover workdays (the next is April 21), possible rentals to Resilient Palisades for an Earth Day Event (April 23), the Allied Artists of Santa Monica Mountains (July 16) and a potential new Palisades High School Dolphin Community Cleanup.

Ongoing maintenance concerns will be addressed, which includes systemic tree treatment, cracks in brick and damaged garden repair.

Also, on the agenda under new business are 50th Anniversary plans, board recruitment and a tomato plant give away.

Many Pacific Palisades resident may think the park is run by the City of Los Angeles. It is not, it was built from money raised by residents, first to buy the land that had been the site of a gas station, and then to pay for the design and landscaping.

The basic idea of the Green was that it should be a place to be enjoyed from within and admired from a distance. It was formally dedicated on August 17, 1973.

Initially, there were plans to give the park to the City of Los Angeles because of maintenance and liability issues, but instead, the community filed for nonprofit status and retained ownership. It is still managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and all residents are invited to be part of the Village Green.


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  1. Betsy Collins says:

    Thanks so much, Sue, for your kind reporting on our Village Green!

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