Updated Rain Report through January 22


A tree branch fell onto Sunset Boulevard early this morning, closing two lanes. That  made it difficult for people waiting to make a left turn onto Temescal to drop students at Palisades High School.

Different storm fronts brought moisture to the southland. The weather system that moved in Saturday, January 20, produced light rain overnight and left .5 inches of rain in the gauge on Radcliffe.

A new storm moved in late that evening on January 22. There were some trees downed and local flooding, making the morning commute difficult.

As of 7 p.m. when the rain tapered off, there was 1.3 inches of rain in the gauge.

This added another 1.8 inches of rain to the season total, bringing it to 10.3 inches of rain. The average for this area is 13.78 inches of rain.

Last year, Palisades had 32.1 inches of rain.

The late Ted Mackie kept records of the rainfall. He had reported that the driest cycle was the five years between 1987 and 1991, when Pacific Palisades received less than 10 inches of rain each year.

The five wettest years were 1978, 1983, 1995, 1998 and 2006. The most rain recorded here was 42.60 inches in 1997-1998.

The five driest years on record were 1976, 1990, 2007, 2012 and 2014.

Since 1942, the driest season in the Palisades was 4.11 inches in 2006-2007. The 2013-2014 season ended with 6.13 inches.

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