The Palisadian-Post Has Moved – to Canoga Park!

The Palisadian-Post, which was located on Via de la Paz, was sold by its new owner Alan Smolinisky. The printing operation was halted in December 2012 and the printers were laid off

The Palisadian-Post, which was founded as The Palisadian in 1928 and remained a weekly institution for decades, has moved out of Pacific Palisades to an office suite on Victory Boulevard in Canoga Park.

Owner Alan Smolinisky, who lives in the Palisades, has not revealed why he decided to move the newspaper’s office from the 881 Alma Real building out to the San Fernando Valley. The phone number is unchanged, just in case you have business to transact or a story to pitch.

CTN contacted Editor Sarah Schmerling and asked why the Post moved to Canoga Park or to see if Smolinisky wanted to comment. (Neither have responded. When they do, the story will be updated.)

Reflecting the challenges faced by every community newspaper in the country, the Post began publishing twice-monthly in April.

These moves can be contrasted to what Smolinisky told the L.A. Times in January 2013 (shortly after he acquired the Post), in an article titled “Pacific Palisades Newspaper Junkie Buys His Own Paper.”

“Pacific Palisades is my favorite place on Earth, and the Palisadian-Post is my favorite newspaper” and “I have a moral obligation to make sure this newspaper is published every Thursday for as long as I live.”

In December 2013, a second L.A. Times story (“A Different Palisadian-Post Is Arriving at Subscribers’ Mailboxes”) quoted Smolinsky’s vow to his readers: “I promise you that this must-read paper will continue to arrive in your mailbox every Thursday.”

During his first year as owner, Smolinisky terminated the Post Printing operation, sold the Post’s property at 839 Via de la Paz and downsized into one suite on Alma Real.

Meanwhile, he fired every business and editorial employee save for sports editor Steve Galluzzo, staff photographer Rich Schmitt and the receptionist. Galluzzo is still with the paper, but Schmitt was cut loose in March with nary a farewell salute for his 21 years with the paper.

The Post, a profitable operation before Smolinisky took command, never recovered from his actions, which undermined the paper’s respected, long-established reputation within the community.

The Post moved from Via to an office in the 881 Alma Real building. The owner put up a large sign on the building that was never approved by the Palisades Design Review Board.

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5 Responses to The Palisadian-Post Has Moved – to Canoga Park!

  1. Village Resident says:

    Guess we Palisadians have learned never to believe these snake oil salesmen who come to town with big promises, but fail to deliver. A shame indeed.

  2. Judith Freed says:

    The demise of local newspapers is very sad and a tragedy for each community. The Palisadian-Post had deteriorated in its community coverage since it was sold. Promises broken caused many long-time subscribers to not renew and I am sure that accelerated the problem. The actions taken seemed mean and foolish but it did still provide a place for Letters, comments, current information for events, and ads for local businesses so I renewed. Also, it gave local children and parents action photos and articles on their sports and other activities. Physically moving away would appear an acceleration to its demise. There is no real substitute for a local paper in a community. Nothing digital is its equal. How sad indeed.

  3. Bart Bartholomew says:

    Apparently Smolinisky is a liar.

  4. Sharon Browning says:

    This is a sad loss for our Palisades community. The Post has played a central role in helping us stay connected to one another and what’s important to our community as a whole. It fostered the community values that we all feel and talk about. I’m grateful to Sarah and Lily for their steadfast reporting, editorial standards and decision-making, and commitment to community journalism. We need to support local news wherever and whenever we can including CTN.

  5. De says:

    Guessing the owner couldn’t afford the increase in rent that must have occurred with the remodeling of the building. Being published on the second and fourth Thursday of each month has gotten to be a bit of a challenge since we don’t have a subscription. It is interesting that the Malibu Times comes to us here in the Palisades every week and it is free. I have always wondered why the Palisadian Post couldn’t be the same way … just wonderin’!

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