Temescal Canyon Moat Suggestion Appears Sound


The City placed barriers to warn drivers of the unsafe road conditions caused by water leakage. The downhill two-lane road forced drivers into a single lane.

Circling the News has jokingly said that the City might need a moat to fix Temescal Canyon Road, which has been under construction/resurfacing since November 2022.

The City has now identified there is water under the street, but to fix it, a funding source will need to be identified.

L.A. City Bureau of Street Services Senior Advisor Dan Halden sent a July 27 email update to several community members.

“Even though the street has been resurfaced twice, there are underlying water issues which is the cause of the recurring challenges on this section of Temescal Canyon Road,” Halden wrote.

“The Bureau of Engineering (BOE) has developed a mitigation plan to address the seepage. It will involve some trench work and the installation of an underground pipe that will prevent the water from continuing to damage the surface of the roadway.

“Once the trench is dug and the pipe is installed, asphalt will be laid on top, once again making the street whole,” Halden said.

And then the capper, “City crews are evaluating the cost, funding availability, and time needed to bring this to fruition. It is unlikely to be a major job in terms of duration, but the funding availability — as well as a decision on who does the job, whether it’s City forces or an outside contractor — must first be determined,” Halden said.

In the meantime, Temescal Canyon Road is one of only three ways in and out of Pacific Palisades. If there is an evacuation, having only one downhill lane to access Pacific Coast Highway, could be a major issue.

Once Palisades Charter High School resumes on August 17, close to 3,000 students use that roadway Monday through Friday.

Since this is a major evacuation route, Halden was asked about an urgency in identifying funds. He responded, “I’ll get back to you once I have a bit more information.”

Councilmember Traci Park’s office was asked for a comment about the roadway and a possible funding source. Spokesperson Jamie Page said, “Our office has been in contact with the  Bureau of Street Services in regards to the Temescal Canyon Road project. We are working to get the community more information and will pass it on to you as soon as we have it.”


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2 Responses to Temescal Canyon Moat Suggestion Appears Sound

  1. Deann says:

    The downhill side of Temescal has now had the lane removed and it has been stripped so we only have one “permanent ” lane. How “permanent ” is this configuration? As you point out this is only one of 3 ways out of the Palisades.
    Sure hope they find the funding to fix this issue before Pali High starts back up in 2 weeks OR we have a major disaster and need to get out of the Palisades quickly.

  2. ANNINE MADOK says:

    Let’s just file this in the council woman’s and the bureau of street services file cabinets as “YOU HAD ONE JOB.”


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