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The aquatic Mosasaurus inside ‘Jurassic World–The Ride’s’ massive Aquarium Observatory Tank at Universal Studios Hollywood.            Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic World Ride Entices Fans

By LAUREL BUSBY  Special to Circling the News

Universal Studios’ newest addition, the Jurassic World: The Ride, is a fun revamp of the Jurassic Park ride, which originally opened on June 21, 1996.

(Spoilers to come, so don’t read if you want to be surprised next time you visit the park.)

The ride, which opened last month, follows a similar path to the old ride through a park of dinosaurs where the animals have run dangerously amok. The tracks seem to be basically the same and retain the final big drop under the huge biting Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Yet, certain differences take advantage of two decades of advances in computer software. The initial prehistoric aquarium may fool the eye with its swimming shark, while the robotic dinosaurs before the final drop are impressive.

The effect is of entering a different world. It no longer feels like Jurassic Park. Jurassic World has fully taken over.

Water effects have also increased, but the drenching depends on your placement in the boat. If you don’t want to end up sopping wet, sit in the back rows and ideally the middle positions where the water is more of a pleasant sprinkling than a full dousing. If you like to get wet, the first row is uniformly soaked almost at the ride’s beginning—a surprising shift from the previous incarnation.

No matter where you sit, expect more water, but a poncho can be purchased to keep you mostly dry.

The ride’s biggest downside is the line. The wait reached two hours on a recent weekday. However, both the express and single-rider lines moved quickly. So, if you feel like splurging or if you don’t mind getting separated into different rows or boats from the rest of your party, take advantage of these lines.

Regardless, enjoy your journey through the new Jurassic World. It’s an enjoyable and sometimes surprising update that will likely please most fans.


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