Shortcut to Temescal Canyon Road Not Meant for Vehicles

Brakes failed and the truck went past the parking lot onto the stairs that lead between the Woman’s Club parking lot and Temescal Canyon Road.

A vendor rented the Woman’s Club in December and was loading up his truck after the event. Unfortunately, the truck’s brakes failed.

Woman’s Club Administrator Roberta Donohue said that luckily, the truck veered slightly and slid along a cement wall next to the building, which may have slowed its speed before it hit the metal fence and went over onto the first level of the wood steps .

The accident destroyed the steps and the shortcut that many people used from the parking lot below the club.

“The cab of the truck was hanging over [the embankment],” Donohue said.

The stairs between Temescal Canyon Road and Haverford are popular, not only with Palisades High student, but with many neighbors who use it as a shortcut.

Even after the top stairs were totally destroyed, kids were still trying to access Haverford. So Donohue said the club had to install steel fencing.

Insurance is paying for the replacement and as soon as the City issues a permit, it will take about six weeks to replace the stair structure.

The stairs that link the parking lot with Temescal Canyon Road have to be replaced.

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