Animal Shelter Needs – 2020 Donation Drive

Palisades resident Nancy Jackson, who is organizing an animal shelter drive, received the following requests from the L.A. Shelters. Items may be dropped at Paws and Claws or Alicia’s Child Care Center.

This 5-year-old dog was given to a shelter because the owners said it had cancer.

 Main Shelter Items:

  1. Towels, blankets and sheets. (The sheets are for the rabbits, but please no fitted ones.)
  2. Beds
  3. Food bowls and cat/dog treats
  4. Cat Toys, catnip and water bowls for cats.
  5. Newspaper
  6. Dryer sheets (unscented)
  7. Extra-large kongs and peanut butter for the kongs
  8. Leashes and collars
  9. Dog Sweaters – all sizes

Items Needed for Dog Foster Program

  1. Martingale collars, leashes and poop bags
  2. Small bags of dog food and treats
  3. Bandanas that say “Adopt Me” (homemade is fine)

Items Needed for Kitten Foster Program

  1. Kitten wet food, small food bowls and Kmr –milk replacer (powder form)
  2. Miracle nipples
  3. Heating Pads and pee pads
  4. Play pen, fleece small blankets and toys
  5. Non-clumping litter and small litter pans, which are cooking aluminum trays, which can be purchased from a grocery story. They work great for kittens and adoption events.
  6. Carriers

Items Needed for Cat Foster Program

  1. Litter Pans and litter
  2. Cat toys and catnip
  3. Wet/Dry Food (small bags)
  4. Carriers

Items Needed for Shelter Medical Department

  1. Cat wet food (pate) and dog wet food (small cans)
  2. Small food trays and small beds
  3. Pee pads
  4. Pill pockets and baby wipes (unscented)
  5. Comfort toys and small blankets

Not accepted: Fitted sheets, pillows, non-washable items and stuffed animals with plastic eyes that can be torn off and swallowed. Questions? Contact: Nancy Jackson (310) 570-6714

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