Resilient Palisades Meeting Will Urge Doing Away with Gas-Powered Garden Equipment

We live next door to one of the oldest trees in the Pacific Palisades. This towering conifer was probably growing in Temescal Canyon before the town was founded and long before the high school was built and the canyon paved.

Whenever there is wind, there is a “snowstorm” of pine needles that fall on our front yard and parkway. If anyone could justify using a gas-powered blower, we certainly could do so.

But, after a quick talk with our gardeners, who happens to be my husband and me, we elected to go a different direction. About 20 years ago, I noticed that rebates were available for electric lawn mowers, so we traded in our gas model.

Ever since, I have elected to get exercise by raking needles and sweeping the sidewalk—and at least once a month my neighbors see me out doing it.

This brings us to Resilient Palisades, a newly organized nonprofit environmental group, which is asking residents to stop using gas-powered blowers.

The group is sponsoring a free meeting on February 2 with Dan Mabe, a landscape expert and American Green Zone Alliance founder, who will explain the latest deals for gardeners, so you can go “green” and help abate the noise and pollution (including harmful chemicals) that gas blowers add to the air.

To register for the meeting, visit:

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2 Responses to Resilient Palisades Meeting Will Urge Doing Away with Gas-Powered Garden Equipment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Definitely in favor of only using electric powered equipment!
    In addition we also rake and sweep needles and leaves.

    Question: why are gardeners allowed to blow leaves & debris onto public roads??!! I see this frequently and do not understand how this could be legal…?

    PS I don’t want my name or email published –

  2. Paula H. Deats says:

    And why are gardeners and landscaping companies able to use them? l thought this was long since made illegal.

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