Call City Officials, Urge Them to Fix Temescal Road

Last week, Bureau of Street Services officially closed off a lane of Temescal Canyon Road.

The Bureau of Street Services acknowledged that a trench needs to be dug and a pipe installed under the segment of the roadway that keeps buckling up on lower Temescal Canyon Road.

Bureau of Street Services Senior Advisor Dan Halden said the City will have to decide who will need to perform the repairs and that funding needs to be found.

In the meantime, the City has turned the two lanes into one, with no time line of when the road might be fixed and the second downhill lane reinstated.

In other words, “Hurry up and wait.”

Palisades High School resumes for students on August 17, which means 3,000 students will come every day to Temescal Canyon.

Additionally, there are only three roads in and out of Pacific Palisades, and in case of an evacuation because of a wildfire—people will be trapped trying to exit onto Pacific Coast Highway.

This is your opportunity to influence change. One person is easily dismissed, several people are just a small nuisance, but an entire community is hard to ignore.

Email or call Bureau of Street Services Daniel Halden (213-887-0947). Contact Tracy Park’s Field Deputy Michael Amster (310-568-8772)  or Park (310-575-8461) or the Westchester field office  (310) 568-8772.

Be polite but tell them this is one of only three roads in and out of Pacific Palisades and before fire season is underway, the second lane needs to be fixed. You might remind officials; residents pay some of the highest taxes in the City and you would appreciate prompt attention to this matter.


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  1. Rahul Kapur says:

    Sent email. I suggest asking one of the major news outlets (KCal or NBC) to do a story on this. That should amplify the attention needed.

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