Residents Illegally Block Asilomar Boulevard

Circling the News received a query from an Asilomar Bluff resident and photos from another resident that showed road closure barriers along that road at sunrise.

“Many people in the neighborhood who want to turn on to Asilomar on their way home are inconvenienced by it – as are people who just want to enjoy the view but are discouraged. Is this legal?”

CTN sent the photos to the Pacific Palisades Community Council President David Card and also to Councilman Mike Bonin’s field deputy Noah Fleishman.

Card also wrote Fleishman, “Did the City place these barricades and signs? Did local neighbors act on their own?”

Fleishman in a January 18 email to Card and CTN said, “First, the photos the neighbor took in the morning of the bluff at sunrise are very impressive. The photos do a great job capturing the natural beauty of the Palisades and also underscore why public access to public parks, like the Asilomar View Park, is important.

“I asked City staff from the Maintenance Division of the Department of Rec and Parks and staff from the Street Maintenance Division of the Bureau of Street Services, and neither said they were responsible for the street closure,” said Fleishman, noting that the City and Bonin’s office will try to give advanced notice when street closures are planned.

“However, this street closure does not look like this was authorized by the City,” Fleishman said. “If this happens again, please inform me, call 311, and call LAPD’s non-emergency number (877-275-5273). I suspect that Rec and Parks and the Bureau of Street Services will want to commandeer their signs if they reappear.”

Card also passed the information to PPCC Area 4 Representative Karen Ridgley, who responded in an email, “I received your email regarding a blockade of Asilomar Boulevard in El Medio Bluffs. As Area 4 Rep, I will address the issue with local residents and make sure the public access to Asilomar Blvd is preserved.

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2 Responses to Residents Illegally Block Asilomar Boulevard

  1. Sue schmidt says:

    Several weeks ago I observed LAPD (?) officers next to these roadblock signs preventing cars from driving to the end of Asilomar. More recently perhaps residents or officers put up these roadblock signs at dusk.

  2. Charles Fischer says:

    If they don’t like it, they should not have moved to the bluffs. Awful and disgusting entitlement.

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