Readers Want/Have the Answers on Libraries

Plastic was placed on books in the children’s section to prevent water damage in the October Palisades Library fire.


A reader reached out to the L.A. Public Libraries on March 17 and asked: “Do you know when L.A. City libraries are going to reopen? I haven’t heard any communication on this. Seems like everything else has already reopened except libraries. Wondering why.”

Library spokesperson Peter Persic told the resident in an April 22 email: “We’re currently preparing for a phased reopening that will ensure the health and safety of our patrons and staff. In the meantime, you can access library resources online at and take advantage of our pickup service through Library to Go. We are finalizing the phased reopening of select libraries and will be announcing the details on Monday, April 26.”

The reader asked CTN: “How are these people still being paid in full for not working when every other sector of the economy has been working for months?”


Another reader wrote: “On April 1 and 19, I sent emails to Councilmember [Mike] Bonin asking when our PP Branch Library would open, even partially.”

The reader also asked about whether repairs had begun and the status, noting that “It has been more than six months since the fire.

“Could the Pacific Palisades Branch Library open on a limited basis so books could be checked out and returned?” the reader asked and then told CTN in an April 21 email,So far, there has not been a reply of any kind.”

(Bill Bruns wrote a story about the Palisades Library (“Many City Libraries Will Open May 3, But Not the Palisades Branch Library. Here’s Why”), which was posted on April 22 (…ibrary-heres-why/).


A reader wrote: “You don’t have to live in Santa Monica to have one of their library cards and there is no charge. You can order books, videos, CDs, etc. on their website.  You can see your ‘place in line’ for each item and choose what library for pickup.  I usually go to the one on Montana but is open only on Monday and Wednesday, but no appointment is needed.  The main library is opened more often.”

A second reader also praised SM: “The system at the Santa Monica libraries seems a little easier to use. I reserve books through an app and then can pick them up at the main library on 7th and Broadway at any time. There is free parking available for book pick up, but they don’t bring them out to your car.”



“Last year, I too, found trying to check books out from L.A. City libraries difficult. So, a few months ago, I started using L.A. County libraries and its very convenient. You can easily access books at the Topanga Branch, Malibu and Marina del Rey.”



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  1. Eileen says:

    I’ve used the Library to Go system for LAPL during the pandemic. I’ve used Rancho Park/Palms Branch on Overland and more recently the Westwood Branch due to pick up hour changes. It’s worked wonderfully because I’m frequently outside of the Palisades. I was told that those who want to return LAPL library books can use the book drop at the Palisades Branch Library, no matter which other LAPL branch they used for pick-up, but there will be no pick up at the PAC PAL branch.
    It seems crazy that the repairs from the PAC PAL library fire have not even started yet, to my understanding.

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