Reader Questions Mayor Karen Bass’ Statement

Bass is asking the wealthy to help house the homeless.

In her state of the city address from City Hall on April 15, Mayor Karen Bass spoke about homelessness. She called on businesses, wealthy individuals and charitable organizations to help out.

“We are asking the most fortunate Angelenos to participate in this effort, with personal, private sector and philanthropic funds to help us acquire more properties, lower the cost of capital and speed up housing,” Bass said.

A reader wrote: “We are doomed. The incompetence and the gall of the mayor, who has horrifically mismanaged millions of dollars of her constituents’ money in the area of homelessness to make this statement. Are you kidding me?

“Mayor Bass is asking ‘wealthy’ people to buy property and then give the buildings to homeless folks. . . that’s her solution to the mentally ill, the drug addicted, unserved population dying daily on our streets?

“What happened to all the money we voted to address the homeless crisis?

“Now our top elected official has the brilliant suggestion that residents of L.A. who already pay exorbitant taxes for services that benefit others, just do the city a favor and find a few apartment buildings, buy them, and then gift them to the city.

“Or maybe we are supposed to gift them directly to a homeless person?”

“This suggestion ranks right up there with Sheila Kuehl’s (former L.A. County Supervisor) and Bonehead Bonin’s (former councilmember Mike Bonin) brilliant suggestion that homeowners build HDU’s in their back yard and then invite the homeless to live there.”

“Who else is shaking their head at the vacuum on the leadership in our beloved City?”

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6 Responses to Reader Questions Mayor Karen Bass’ Statement

  1. anonymous says:

    My gardener mentioning the headline in the L A Times suggesting wealthy people donate to the homeless crisis, looked at the bird feeders in my garden and commented that ‘the more I filled them the more the birds came’. He said that was the same with all the monies being used and given towards the homelessness in L A. Spot on!

  2. Victor Huarette says:

    Great idea, Mayor Crew Cut. Instead, why don’t you take some of the billions that we have paid and will pay to “solve” homelessness and will pay, enforce vagrancy laws, relocate the violators to a remote location and give them the choice of staying there or leaving the state (in many instances, to return to the less accommodating state from which they are from. Let other states share the burden and give us back our public spaces.

  3. Jane Abrams says:

    Where is Rick Caruso when we desperately need him?? Our city is doomed!

  4. Dana Dalton says:

    The Road To Serfdom ….that’s all Mayor Bass’s
    Agenda is

  5. Tony Lynn says:

    This is Socialism. The city, of course, would not bear any liability for fires, deaths, ET.AL.
    that would occur in the buildings. The “wealthy” would. The next step will be to FORCE the wealthy to do this. This, of course, would be Fascism…

  6. Howard Weisberg says:

    The people that Mayor Bass is asking for donations are not the people that voted for her. They voted for Rick Caruso.

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