Purses Stolen from Elyse Walker

This note appeared in the Elyse Walker store window on Antioch after purses were stolen from the store around 2 p.m. on July 6.

Security Guard Is Pepper Sprayed

Three men fled in a white Volkswagen Jetta with an estimated $8,000 work of purses after pepper-spraying the security guard.

The incident happened in the 15300 block of Antioch around 1:50 p.m. this afternoon.

The car was seen driving westbound on Sunset Boulevard from Antioch Street. An LAPD airship was overhead and LAPD is investigating the incident.

The incident was reported on Citizen #ProtectTheWorld https://go.citizen.com/oNBRVJw36X an app that is available to residents.

LAPD was contacted if we receive further information, this post will be updated.

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2 Responses to Purses Stolen from Elyse Walker

  1. Phyllis Trager (formerly Phyllis Douglas) says:

    I’ll take flak for this but I don’t care. Yes, we’re now gorgeous and the Palisades is now “known”. The bill is here. Sad.

  2. Sue says:


    I disagree, but don’t feel anyone should take flack. We moved to the Palisades in 1994 and by the early 2000s, bank robberies were rampant in this little town. I can still remember trying to get to a church service on Maunday Thursday after my son’s baseball game (PPBA) at the park, but Sunset was closed. The bank robber had put what he said was an explosive device on a Bank of America teller. People who were eating at Vida were rushed off and their plates were left on the table. No one was allowed on Sunset. I always wondered what happened to the bank teller, who had to be scared out of her mind.

    Bank robbers had learned that the police were 25 minutes away and this town was constantly being hit, one bank after another. The banks adjusted by putting up the bullet proof plastic/glass windows around the tellers.

    Until we have a constant police presence here, it seems merchants may have to adjust – maybe by putting the handbags on a wire that has to be unlocked.

    When I stopped by Elyse yesterday to check on Larry the guard, he said he had been pepper sprayed, but that he was doing okay. He told me that the Nordstrom store in Century City had been hit by purse thieves (Monday afternoon).


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