Promised Parking Meter Money Still Not Available 

Early this week, CTN asked Councilman Mike Bonin’s office for an update about when Pacific Palisades will receive parking meter money via the City’s proposed pilot program.

In February, the City announced that this town would be one of three areas to receive about 15 percent of revenue from parking meters (a minimum of $50,000 annually – and likely more). The money will go to the Pacific Palisades BID to spend on local mobility improvements, like street and sidewalk repairs, wayfinding signage, and streetscape and community beautification efforts.

Bonin’s Transportation Policy Director Eric Bruins said in a December 10 email, “We are still working to get the parking meter local return pilot program up and running. LADOT has a high vacancy rate in the parking division and has not yet been able to assign staff to this program, despite receiving all necessary approvals from Council. As a pilot program, it needs the attention of a dedicated program manager to be successful. Our office has been in regular communication with the BID about the delayed start of this program and our efforts to resolve the staffing shortage.”

It has been 10 months, and we’re still counting.

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