Prana by Lana Offers Natural Beauty Products

Lana Mahmood is the owner of Prana by Lana.

One of the most interesting businesses to open on Marquez Avenue is a natural beauty business, Prana by Lana.

On Saturday, June 8, from 5 to 7:30 p.m., there will be a candle-making workshop at the store, 16618 Marquez. Owner Lana Mahmood writes that participants will receive a large coconut bowl, candle base, essential oils, flowers, and crystals to customize candles, which they will take home. During the workshop, there will be wine, herbal teas and snacks.

About her business Mahmood said, “It was during my study abroad in Ecuador that I became fascinated with the tribes’ traditional methods of creating natural beauty and skincare products from the plants in nature.

“The tribes had a deep connection with nature and utilized elements from the earth to craft toothpastes, face oils, hair oils, creams and clay masks. Witnessing their expertise and the powerful effects of these natural ingredients ignited my passion for natural beauty,” she said.

Butterfly Pea Flower tea

If you are a tea drinker, you might find some you have never tried before such as the Wild Elderberry, Blue Lotus Flower, Hawthorn Berry, Pau D’Arco and Rose of Jericho.

The candle collection is exquisite and if you do not have time for the workshop, these candles might make a perfect gift: Cedarwood Shea Butter Coconut or the Chakra Shea Butter Coconut Candle. There are also Peppermint, Lavender, Cinnamonor Lemongrass candles, too.

For skin and hair care, there are numerous items that include 100% pure Agan Oil, Acai Berry Oil, an Amazonian Clay Face Mask, passion fruit oil and soursop oil (Guanabana).

Mahmood grew up in San Diego and attended the University of California at San Diego. While there she studied abroad in Ecuador.

“I immersed myself in the study of indigenous ancestral medicine,” she said, and added that “Living among the tribes in the Amazon rainforest was a transformative experience that sparked my interest in natural beauty products.”

She found that the tribes utilized elements from the earth to craft toothpastes, face oils, hair oils, creams and clay masks.

As she earned her degree from U.C. San Diego in indigenous anthropology, she ask lived in villages in Saint Croix, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Ecuador and the Amazon rainforest.

“The tribes taught me their traditional methods of making natural skincare, herbal medicine, and artisanal goods like jewelry and baskets,” said Mahmood, who also obtained certificates in herbalism.

Everything is hand-made in the store using high-quality ingredients sourced in small batches. That choice by Mahmood results in a more sustainable and ethical approach to production.

Her products are carried in stores across the southland, the U.S. and even Germany, but the owner decided to open a store in this area, because she’s lived here the past five years.

“Pacific Palisades offers a unique atmosphere that fosters a sense of community and an appreciation for the natural world and natural beauty,” she said.  We source our materials, ingredients, and handmade goods directly from indigenous villages worldwide.

“This allows us to establish direct relationships with these communities and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their contributions. By supporting our business, customers are actively participating in the preservation of indigenous cultures,” Mahmood said. “Your help is urgently needed to combat the destruction of indigenous lands and nature caused by corporations, oil companies, and governments.”

The store, Prana by Lana, is located at 16618 Marquez Ave.  (310) 948-6481

This cinnamon shea butter coconut candle can be purchased at Prana by Lana.

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