PPBA Playoffs Underway: Championships This Week

(Editor’s note: Photographer Rich Schmitt takes excellent photos of all the PPBA action and offers them for sale to parents and grandparents. He then donates some of the proceeds back to PPBA. A photo might make a great Father’s Day present click here.)

The Mustang Rockies celebrate after clenching a sport in the World Series.

The final games in the 2023 Pacific Palisades Baseball Association Season are underway at the Field of Dreams at the Palisades Recreation Center, 851 Alma Real. Championship games for the Pintos, Mustangs and Broncos will be played on May 30, on fields 2, 3 and 4. The stakes are high, not only because of World Series bragging rights, but winning teams also ride in the 4th of July Parade.

If game two is necessary, it will be played on June 1. Closing ceremonies for PPBA will be on June 3.

PINTOS (7-8-9-year-olds):

It is shaping up to be a real dual between the Royals and the Pirates.

The Royals, coached by Taylor Talt, were ranked first in the Pinto American League with 9 wins and five losses.

In tournament play, the Royals beat the Tigers, Dodgers and Rockies to reach the championship.

During the regular season, the Pirates coached by Matt Underwood were 13 and 3. They lost the first three games of the season, but after a rough start went undefeated through May 11.

The team suffered their first postseason loss to the Yankees, and then won five games (against the Red Sox, the Orioles, the Dodgers and the Cardinals and a second game with the Yankees) to earn a berth in the Pinto World Series. The Pirates will need a win to stay alive for the second game.

Even though the Pirate Pinto player is out, the Pirates went onto beat the Yankees to earn a berth in the World Series.

MUSTANGS (9-10-year-olds):

In the Mustang division, the number-one seeded Orioles, coached by David Hoffman, beat the Rockies, coached by Garen Hartunian, sending that team to the lower bracket with its first loss.

This is a double elimination tournament, which means once a team loses twice it is out of contention. The Rockies fought their way back to the Championship game by beating the Pirates, Tigers and Cardinals.

The Orioles are 10 and 4 for the season. In tournament play, the birds have defeated the Yankees, the Rockies and the Cardinals.

The Rockies, coached by Garen Hartunian, were 7-6-1 during the regular season, need this win to stay alive for game two.

BRONCOS (11-12-year-olds):

The Cardinals, coached by Brandon Murphy, beat the Orioles and Yankees to earn a berth in the Championship game which will be held May 30 at 4:30 p.m.

The Cardinals led the National League with a 10-3 record, with the team’s only losses to the Tigers, Yankees and Orioles.

The Tigers, coached by Ollie Dunne, who lost to the Pirates in the first game, battled back to beat the Orioles, the Dodgers and the Tigers to face the Cardinals.  The Tigers need the win in order to play game two.

SHETLAND (6–7-year-olds):

For the players in this youngest division, it is a single-elimination tournament. The champions, the Dodgers, coached by Andrew Kirsh beat the Tigers, coached by Gabe Gottlieb, o

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