Possible Problems in Pacific Palisades Today with Looters

(Editor’s note: I was asked by several subscribers to post the warning that I sent out this morning, so that others might read it. Additionally, around noon, Captain Jonathon Tom, Commanding Officer for West Los Angeles sent a notice to a local official  that they would be getting some National Guard units and that Palisades Village would have at least one Sergeant and four officers at a fixed post all day.)

The Village is boarded up in anticipation that this area could be hit by looters.


Several sources tell Circling the News that there have been credible warnings that Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Pacific Palisades could be hit this afternoon or evening by opportunists.

LAPD officer John “Rusty” Redican contacted CTN and he suggested that if a protest is planned for this afternoon here, residents should stay at home. Even though people here would be peacefully protesting, there are others who could use that as an opportunity to wreak mayhem.

There have been reports in the Alphabet Streets of cars filled with unknown people who have been driving up and down taking photos. Although one resident told CTN he thinks people are casing the neighborhood, Redican thinks it more likely that anyone who is considering damaging or looting stores, is also exploring escape routes.  (As anyone who lives here knows, there’s only three ways in and out of Pacific Palisades—Chautauqua, Sunset and Temescal Canyon Road.)

“Make sure your cars are in the driveway,” Redican said, and he urged store owners make sure their businesses “are boarded up.”


At the Optimist Zoom meeting yesterday, Bill Skinner told this joke:

“A cowboy was at the pearly gates and came face to face with Saint Peter. ‘We just don’t let anyone in here,” Peter told him. “Have you done anything good in your life?’

“The cowboy thought and then said, ‘I was at a café and this group of motorcycle riders from the Black Hills were harassing this pretty waitress. I went up to the biggest biker and told him they needed to stop, pushed him away from her and stood up to the group.’

“’Wow,’ Peter said. ‘When did that happen?’

“’About 10 minutes ago,’” the cowboy said.

Mike Martini said the prayer: “Dear God, we pray that [members] Lee Calvert and Naidu Permaul are back to health and that all the people that have COVID-19 heal fast. We pray for those that died. We’re optimistic about a quick return to normalcy. We pray for peaceful protests and that rioters and looters be brought to justice. Amen.”

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