Emilie (Milie) Stern, 87, Longtime Palisades Resident

Holocaust survivor Milie Stern was born on June 27, 1932 and died at UCLA Santa Monica Hospital on May 15 from brain cancer.

Milie immigrated from Europe to California in 1955. She married Hans Georg Stern in 1959. They celebrated their 50th anniversary on a cruise to Alaska. He died in 2013, after 54 years of marriage.

She survived the Holocaust by hiding in the Netherlands. According to her husband’s autobiography, “They went into hiding and did so for some two and a half years. It was a stolen childhood that Milie, my wife, never got back. After completing her interrupted education, she became a nurse and soon found work in Los Angeles, that she liked in her field, first at hospitals, and later with a number of physicians in private practice.”

Milie was a longtime board member of the Child Survivors of the Holocaust and, in 1994, she gave videotaped testimony about her Holocaust experiences to the USC Shoah Foundation. Visit: //

Milie is survived by her daughter, Michelle King; son-in-law Robert King; granddaughter Sophia King; and six nephews and nieces: Larry & Diane Stern, Doug & Eileen Stern, and Rod & Bonita Stern, as well as their children.

(Editor’s note: There is a lovely autobiography of Hans Georg Stern’s life and when he met Milie that one can access by visiting:



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