Palisades Rotary Donates $1,800 to Help Task Force on Homelessness; More Donations Are Sought

Incoming Rotary President Trish Bowe (left) hands a much-needed check to Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Vice President Sharon Browning, while observing safety precautions.

The Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness (PPTFH) is reaching out to local organizations and individuals for aid that will go to the homeless during this coronavirus crisis.

The Rotarians voted via email on March 28 to give $1,800 which was specifically requested by the PPTFH. A check was handed to Task Force Vice President Sharon Browning on Tuesday, March 31, by incoming Rotary President Trish Bowe.

The money requested by PPTFH was not part of the nonprofit’s budget, but rather will assist in outreach during the coronavirus.

The need was so crucial that after Browning learned of the check approval, she wrote in an email, “I might pick it up from you if that would help. Also, I will work with our treasurer to see if we can advance the funds out of our dedicated funds and replace them once the Rotary check arrives. This way the outreach team can move quickly to purchase the needed prevention items and get them out onto the street.”

Items needed included disposable cell phones because [homeless] “clients do not have a cell phone or cannot get a replacement phone from the Department of Social Services due to CV19 mandated closures. Cell phones are essential for the PPTFH outreach team to remain in contact with the clients.” Ten phones (at $35 each) needed to be purchased.

Cell-phone booster packs are also needed because “stores and libraries are closed or not allowing access for clients to charge their phones,” Browning said. “Without the recharged phones, clients cannot communicate with the outreach team for services.”  (Twenty are requested at $17 each.)

Money was also needed for hand sanitizer, masks, body wipes and gloves, which will be placed in a Ziplock bag and given to each homeless individual.

The Rotary Club Foundation trustees voted unanimously on March 28 to approve the money to the PPTFH.

The next day, Rotary member Perry Akins sent an email to the board: “I wish to express my thanks to all of you for moving so quickly on approving this donation. Every vote received was a resounding YES. As you know, the $1,800 will be used to acquire the list of products listed by Sharon Browning and her team at PPTFH in her proposal to us. These products are needed immediately as result of the virus and will be a tremendous help to them in monitoring the homeless in our community throughout this crisis. My plan is to get the check into her hands on Monday, March 30, so they can immediately put it to work. This is what Rotary is all about.”

Browning responded to Rotary members, “Thank you and your Board again for reaching out to PPTFH at this crucial time and for this generous and timely donation. This donation is allowing us to take our street work to the next higher level at a critical time. And, it was totally unexpected. We and the homeless people of Pacific Palisades are deeply grateful.”

She explained to Circling the News that “Financial donations like the Rotary Club’s are what is most helpful to us always but especially now during this crisis where every minute counts. With financial rather than in-kind donations, we can immediately purchase what is needed and our outreach team can distribute the items to those in need wherever they are located. We simply do not have the person power to deal with in-kind donations which may or may not be items that are truly needed.”

People who want to donate to this campaign can visit, click on “Contribute,” then click on donate and follow the directions. The PPTFH is connected to Donorbox. Donations are tax deductible. Donation checks can be mailed to PPTFH, P.O. Box 331, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.


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