Palisades Residents Seeking Donations for Shelter Animals

Honey is a two month-old male that weighs 10 pounds.

This will be the third year for animal shelter donations in Pacific Palisades.

One of the organizers, Nancy Jackson, said it will start on January 31 and run for about three weeks—or as long as donations come in. The drop off location will be Paws N’ Claws, at 16634 Marquez Avenue, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

New and used items are welcomed, but NO pillows or cushions. If preferred, a cash donation can be made through Venmo, PayPal and check.

“On the last drive more than $1,200 was raised in cash and we were able to buy Kuranda beds for each shelter with the money,” Jackson said.

“It is hard for the animals in shelters and especially when it’s cold,” she said. “I decided to run the drive the first year because it was freezing, and I just couldn’t imagine how the animals felt.”

Jackson said that WLA shelter gets tons of donations of beds and blankets, but that the South L.A. animal shelter is larger and receives fewer donations because of its location. (Also known as the Chesterfield Square, it’s a few blocks off the 10 Freeway on Western.)

“The elevated beds for dogs are always in high demand but the good ones are expensive,” Jackson said and added, “Shelters can always use dog, cat and kitten food and pee pads.” Residents can contact her directly with questions or by phone (310) 570-6714. Here is a link to items that can be purchased —click here.


Dino is five-year-old male that weighs 63 pounds.


A volunteer at the West Los Angeles shelter wrote that it is filled beyond capacity. The cages are outside and supplied are needed.

“The shelter dogs need our help staying dry and warm. Unfortunately, the temporary outdoor enclosures have no heat, and the tarps currently covering the play kennels are not waterproof,” the volunteer wrote. “They NEED to get waterproof tarps to shelter them from all the rain this winter, warm blankets and warm sweaters would be so appreciated.

They are VERY LOW ON TREATS (big chew treats). It gives the dogs something to chew on for a while, and a mental distraction during these stressful rainy days ahead. Here is the link to their wish list: click here.

Please be sure to send all donations to the ATTENTION: Aimee Rousey, Volunteer Liaison. In person donation Drop Off: 11361 W. Pico Blvd., LA, CA 90046. You can request a receipt at the front desk. Also, foster applicants would be so helpful.

Kat is a year old and a 38-pound female.


A California animal shelter volunteer wrote the following letter that has been printed in local newspapers:

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, about 6.3 million animals end up in shelters every year. Nationwide, roughly 920,000 animals are euthanized.

Sadly, nine out of 10 of these healthy animals were adoptable. Did you know that about 57 percent of euthanized animals are unweaned kittens? And pit bulls have little or no chance of being adopted because about 93 percent are euthanized.

The cost to Americans for animal control and euthanizing these beautiful creatures is $1.5 billion annually.

There is a solution to this tragic problem. First, spay and neuter your pets.

Second, when you adopt an animal, it is for the life of the pet.

Do not take the animal to a shelter because it’s gotten older. Take care of the animal or don’t adopt it in the first place.

We see too many people who bring in a senior pet and want to replace it with a younger animal.

Pets are living creatures who know when they’ve been abandoned.

We’re now seeing even more animals who once had a home but were dumped on the streets or a country road when the owners got tired of the animal. A domesticated animal cannot fend for itself, nor should it.

A dog or cat can be a companion, a loving pet when the rest of the world is not as kind. They would never abandon you, so please don’t abandon them.

This editor’s one-eyed dog, Captain, was adopted at the Annenberg PetSpace. The dogs in this story can be adopted there.

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