Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness Continues to Patrol

This abandoned camp was found by Temescal Canyon Road and PCH. The brush in that area needs to be cleared by Rec and Parks.

The volunteer response team of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness spent a busy morning along Temescal Canyon Road on August 23. There is no camping in that area, which is a very high fire severity zone, and signs are posted noting that fact.

Carmen Kallberg and Cindi Young, who have worked on the volunteer response team, and who have stepped in as the organization’s new co-chairs, joined Sharon Kilbride in cleaning up an abandoned encampment in that area.

Located just above the Rotary Club corner, volunteers, which also included Tom Pryor, bagged up the garbage and dragged it to the curb to be taken away. A transient started going through the bags while the volunteer team waited for volunteer Bruce Schwartz to take them away.

Kilbride stopped the transient from pilfering the garbage.

The transient, who appeared to be “off,” then ran around the pump station at the base of PCH and Temescal. PPTFH volunteers, after looking for more abandoned sites, came back to the corner and saw the man had started a fire.

This man set a fire by PCH, if you see him, let Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin know.

They called 911 and LAFD responded, and the fire was put out. The man then ran away and is being sought. If you see him, please call Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin at (310)444-0737 or by email

Sharon Kilbride showed photos of the man who started the fire to LAFD personnel.

More than three inches of rain from Tropical Storm Hilary fell along the coast, which has alleviated some of the fire danger, for now.

The brush, at the location the man started the fire, has not been cleared by Rec and Parks. To prevent future fires, that area should be targeted with a brush clean up by the City. CTN has reported the area to LAFD Brush Clearance inspectors.

Another man begging at the base of PCH and Temescal Canyon, was once again offered help and refused it. He seems to move between Malibu and Pacific Palisades. A reminder that “spare change” does not help these people make a real change.

A man was seen coming out of the brush underneath residences in Tahitian Terraces, pulling a suitcase. Kilbride asked LAPD to look further in that area.

Another transient came across PCH from the beach and then went through the fence that is intended to stop people from accessing the Via de la Olas Bluffs.  When asked if he wanted services, he screamed back “no” and when he was told that area was not open to the public, he ignored the volunteers and continued walking.

LAPD searched the area to see if they could find the man that had trespassed or the person who had started the fire.

It was suggested that a drone might be a good way to look for excessive brush and fire dangers in this high fire risk area below the Via de las Olas bluffs. At one time, American Legion 283 Commander Jim Cragg thought his group might be able to sponsor a drone but will have to take the idea to membership.

To see current PPTFH activity, check its facebook page or go to

This transient ignored warnings that the area was closed to the public and went through the fence.

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    I’d much rather have the Palisades Malibu Chamber as opposed to one with Brentwood. I’ve been to a couple of their mixers and they are great. Malibu to me means sand, surf and mountains. All Brentwood makes me think of is traffic.

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