Pacific Palisades Has a Great Book Store

Jeff Ridgway the owner of the book store on Antioch had an author event for the book “Rhoda.”

People are still bemoaning the fact that there isn’t a bookstore in Pacific Palisades. These people are uninformed and next time you hear someone say that, please set them straight.

There is bookstore. Called Collection Antiques and Books, it is located at 15326 Antioch, and it is owned by Jeff Ridgway, who at one time worked in Village Books on Swarthmore.

Ridgway has an eclectic selection of new and old books . . .and some hard-to-find Pacific Palisades books that are out of print.

He had his first book signing with author Joel Pollak (“Rhoda, A Biography, ‘Comrade Kadalie, You Are Out of Order!’”) on February 2.

Ridgway continues to offer a special on mysteries, $10 for a hardcover or three mysteries for $20.

Connie Goetz, who used to work at Village Books, is now working Thursday afternoons. Residents loved how friendly and helpful she was and Ridgway said, “I consider her the best ‘hand’ book seller on the West Coast.”

The store is always fun to visit, for several reasons. Abby, the dog, the canine who Jeff inherited when a friend died, is always ready for a “pet.”

And Ridgway always has something new and interesting in the store. Right now he has a collection of polar bears, some stuffed, some are ceramic, in differing sizes. “I’m proclaiming February National Polar Bear Month,” he said, and noted “that 20 percent of all proceeds from polar bear sales will go to Greenpeace.”

If there’s a special book that you would like and don’t see it on the shelves, Ridgway will order it for you. When CTN has ordered books, depending on availability, they are usually in the store within a week.

A book might make a nice Valentine’s present, just saying.

There is a wide selection of polar bears available at the bookstore.

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4 Responses to Pacific Palisades Has a Great Book Store

  1. Donna Vaccarino says:

    Its a great bookstore!
    And – You can buy a Pacific Palisades Centennial Blanket there too!

  2. 'joy' says:

    Thanks, Sue,
    I had no idea we had anything interesting and unusual like this. Thanks !

  3. Jeffrey Ridgway says:

    Thanks as always, Sue ! Plus, FREE (chocolate) Kisses Every Day !

  4. William Brooke says:

    Yes. Some great books!

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