Nighttime Play Is NOT Allowed at Palisades Bocce Courts

There is no bocce allowed after sundown.

Several residents whose properties are adjacent to the Palisades Recreation Center were not aware that nighttime bocce had been approved by L.A. City Recreation and Parks. They asked Circling the News to check about the leagues that were playing after sunset.

CTN learned that the lights that line the inside of each court are for aesthetics and landscaping purposes but are not considered sufficient to support league play.

RAP wrote that “Veterans Garden does not have sufficient lighting in that area of the park, so we will not be programming nor permitting that area for nighttime use,” and promised that staff will also monitor the bocce courts in the evenings to curb anyone from using them after dusk.

CTN was told that a job order has been placed to have the landscaping light switches locked so the public does not have access to them. Additionally, signs will be posted that are similar to other facilities at parks throughout L.A. that state that courts are open “Sunrise to Sunset.”

RAP also said that they are working on a sign that states playing etiquette when someone is waiting for a court – much like tennis rules at city parks that limit time on a court with somebody is waiting.

There had also been controversy about the barbeques located in Veterans Park, which are located in a Very High Fire Severity Zone. The grills, by ordinance, may NOT be used between November and April. The locks may be removed in the off-season (April to November).

The proposed signage at Veterans Park is on the Department of Rec and Parks Facility Repair and Maintenance Commission Task Force agenda at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 6.

This upcoming agenda also includes an update about the long-proposed Temescal Canyon Dog Park.

To join the meeting, visit:

or dial (669) 900-6833 to join the meeting, then enter this webinar ID: 816 0737 4072 and press #.

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