Most Dangerous Site in Pacific Palisades

The LAPD Beach Detail, which visits the hillsides discovered this Illegal encampment.

A homeless man had been reported camping in the deep undergrowth in Marquez Canyon. Officers from the LAPD Beach Detail walked into the dense undergrowth and were followed by Bruce Schwartz, Sharon Kilbride and a volunteer.

The man, who was roused from a tent, initially told police he didn’t have a weapon, but when he was taken into custody and cited for camping illegally in a very high fire severity zone, a loaded gun was found in his backpack.

The tent, mattress and six bags of trash were removed from the area, filling Schwatz’s truck. There is still about a truckload of garbage and decomposing material that needs to be removed.

Volunteer Bruce Schwartz dragged this mattress, hidden in the brush, to his truck.

Equally concerning, if you are a resident in Marquez Knolls, the lower Highlands or Paseo Miramar, you are living next to a fireplace stacked with fuel, just waiting to be lit.

The Marquez Canyon, which is owned by an LLC, has not been cleared of brush.

With the nearly record amount of rainfall this past winter/spring, plants and weeds are choking out every spare portion of the ground.  Filled with dried brush from previous years, plus the new growth that will continue to dry out during the summer, this a serious fire hazard.

That this area has not been cleared, should be alarming to nearby residents. There is enough fuel in this canyon that with a wind, a fire could easily spread to the Marquez Knolls area. Or if the Santa Anas are blowing, flames could easily cross Palisades Drive onto Paseo Miramar.

Pacific Palisades Community Council President Maryam Zar was alerted and contacted the Los Angeles Fire Department Brush Clearance Unit.

LAFD explained that there are two parcels in the canyon, one belongs to L.A. City Department of Power and Water, the second belongs to “Marquez Pacific View, LLC.” DWP’s land has had brush clearance.

But the other parcel,  LAFD said, “This is a concern. The land (APN 4419-015-196) has been cited and last year we contracted it out for clearance by our contractors.”

The brush clearance unit said they planned to revisit the area and that the owner would be cited again, if brush was not cleared within 200 feet of homes.

Zar asked, “LAFD has a record of the owner and the ability to reach them, correct? And if they fail to pay the fine or the clearance invoice, perhaps we can alert the City Attorney and the Council Office.”

CTN found that there are four parcels in the canyon:  4419-015-196, 4419-015-197, 4419-015-022 and 4419-015-026.

LAFD was asked if they would cite the owner if brush clearance was not done on all parcels. When CTN receives a response, the story will be updated.

The back of Schwartz’s truck was filled with items removed from the illegal campsite. There is still about a truckload left to be removed.

(Editor’s note: It also appears that there is a legal dispute in the Superior Court of State of California (2022) between Emsaffa Corp, Steven Powers (trustee under an amended and restated Trust Agreement for R.E.I. Trust entered into December 2009) and Marquez Pacific View LLC.)

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4 Responses to Most Dangerous Site in Pacific Palisades

  1. Fred says:

    I checked on this property below Marquez 10 years ago the LLC that supposedly owns this property had not paid property taxes for over 7 years in 2015 and. Why does the LLC still own the property? Why has the property not been put up for auction?

  2. Bruce Schwartz says:

    We must act, as we all subject to wildfire, and memories fade after a previous fire. People get complacent! We must always be vigilant.

  3. Bruce Schwartz says:

    I would also like to point out that it is inherently more dangerous out there since PPTFH started in 2014. People who live on the street are armed. Heads up to LAPD Beach Patrol for being there with us! Please call our Councilwoman and let her know how important our LAPD Beach Patrol is !

  4. Cindy Simon says:

    I would expect the LAPD to clear this area and not spend any more time citing the various owners. People’s lives are more important. Thank you Thank you to our local treasures Bruce Schwartz & Sharon Kilbride.

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