“Minnesota Mike” Back in Pacific Palisades

Mike, who was arrested on Monday, was back in Pacific Palisades on Wednesday.

A transient from Minnesota, known as Mike, was arrested on Monday for the robbery of a cell phone and sent to the Metropolitan Detention Center. Bail was set at $50,000.

Today, Mike was back on the streets of Pacific Palisades.

West Los Angeles Commanding Officer Captain Jonathan Tom said in an email to residents, “The case was presented to the District Attorney’s Office, and it was rejected and referred to the City Attorney’s Office for misdemeanor filing consideration.

“The City Attorney’s Office filed three misdemeanor charges: Theft (484 PC), Battery (242 PC) and Resisting Arrest (148PC).

“Because the crimes were misdemeanor, Mike was eligible for Zero bail and was released on his own recognizance (OR),” Tom wrote. “Mike was ordered to appear in court for an arraignment on June 15. At the arraignment, the City Attorney will request the judge to issue a Stay Away Order from the Pacific Palisades and the Village Green Park.”

On May 29, police had been called to the Village Green because Mike, who has been staying near the Palisades Library, was threatening people with sharpened sticks. No one would press charges, but his sticks were taken away.

Earlier in the week, he had been screaming profanities at elementary-aged school children and he had also shoplifted at Ralphs supermarket late one night and threatened to throw rocks through the windows.

Tom has asked, “if you see Mike or anyone else commit a crime, please report via 911 or (877) ASK LAPD and report it to me and Senior Lead Officer Brian Espin, so we can follow up.”

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  1. L.A. needs to institute the “bus ticket” method. “Mike” would get a bus ticket home twice, if he shows up again he goes to jail.

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