Love Coffee and Breakfast at Estate/Flour

Residents were already chatting by 9 a.m. on Labor Day at the Flour Cafe, formerly Estate Coffee.


On reader wrote:

This is a shameless plug for my favorite local coffee shop that is NOT a Starbucks!

Many of us morning people were saddened when the cafe became a pizza place and stopped making breakfast items (although we love having an affordable pizza place here and the truffle pizza is amazing and even my kid with boring taste in food craves it).

I wanted to let you know that they are slowly rolling out some breakfast items again by popular demand. This spinach and egg quiche was delicious, and they also have a savory potato and rosemary quiche that was mouth-watering.

CTN reported last September, that Flour Owner, Robert Flutie had planned to close the breakfast operations at Flour (formerly Estate) because it wasn’t economically feasible.

Once residents saw the new hours and realized their breakfast hangout was going away, they started a petition and met with Flutie asking him to rethink his decision.

He spent time talking to residents, and then wrote on social media,” I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of you. We are in business because of the loyalty of our customers and this conversation about our hours is a testament to how special our community is. We’re going to remain open in the mornings for the foreseeable future and adjust our opening time to 7:30 a.m.”

This editor loves the morning coffee and pastries and tries to frequent the establishment, because it’s a lovely place to have impromptu meetings in the mornings.

Rudy, who manages the store, and his wife Marisela, have been there from the beginning of the store’s opening in 2019. They are absolutely lovely, and make it a point to know customers’ names and drink preferences.

Stop by for early morning coffee and then if one is too lazy to cook that night, order a pizza from the store. The resident who wrote the letter is right, the pizza’s are delicious and affordable. The morning items including the avocado toast are worth the trip to the establishment on 847 Via de la Paz. Call (424) 330-0220 or Instagram @flourpizzeria or the website:

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