Loud Explosion on Friday Caused by Teens/Young Adults

M80s are illegal.

There was a loud explosion around 9:25 p.m.on Friday, April 21 that was clearly audible to Temescal Canyon Road residents.

One person wrote on a social media platform, “We were driving from PCH towards Sunset on Temescal Canyon. A group of young adults/teenagers detonated a bomb-like firework in the middle of the road as we were driving by. The incendiary shot about 50 feet in the air.

“This was incredibly dangerous and very poor judgment. Not only could they have injured themselves, or somebody nearby, they could have set the whole canyon on fire.”

The resident contacted 911 and let officials know the vehicle was a grey Toyota Altima, with a California license plate that started 5AKL***.

It is illegal to set off fireworks in L.A. County.

Earlier this month, an explosive firework (described as a M80) was set off in Veterans Garden and destroyed a trash can.

Illegal M80s are not fireworks, they are dangerous explosives and can dismember and kill people who use them. If you are the parents of these teens/young adults, please educate them and let them know the legal consequences of firing them. There are documented cases of users losing fingers or hands.

According to Wholesale Fireworks, M80, M100 Silver Salutes, M250 and M1000 are considered federally illegal and cannot be purchased within the U.S.A. and “Anyone caught with these devices can face time in prison and costly fines.” A black market in M80s does exist.

According L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger: “possession or use of illegal fireworks can range from a fine of up to $1,000 to one year in county jail. Certain products like M80s and M100s are considered explosives and are a felony to possess with penalties as high as 16 months in state prison. Parents are liable for any damage or injuries caused by their children using fireworks.”

According to the Federal Bureau of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, these fireworks are illegal.

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  1. Sylvia Boyd says:

    Why do we see more dogs than ever before, in our markets. Some are doubtfully licensed to be there. Market managers tell us they are not legally allowed to tell the owner to remove the dog. What good is a law if no one can enforce it?

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