Letter to the Editor from BID

Dear Palisadians,

For the last three years the Business Improvement District (BID), with the Chamber of Commerce, has employed a Chrysalis Clean Team to sweep sidewalks and empty trash cans in the Palisades business district.

In an effort to be community oriented and neighborly, the Chamber also emptied trash cans at the Palisades Library, the Palisades High School perimeter, Marquez Business District and on the Village Green.

Unfortunately, because of the laws governing BIDs, our BID is not allowed to offer services outside its specific defined area (Visit: palisadesbid.org). Therefore, the BID must cease collecting trash in areas that are not within its perimeter.

This became effective January 1, so if you see trash piling up at certain locations, this is why. Much as the BID would like to continue to serve a greater portion of the Palisades, the mandate under which it was established will not permit it to do so.


The BID Board.

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6 Responses to Letter to the Editor from BID

  1. Marge Gold says:

    If the Chamber of Commerce could reinstitute their highly popular Streetworks program, this would certainly help with trash removal in other areas.

  2. perry akins says:

    Who and what is BID?

  3. John Wilson says:

    BID is nothing more than another bureaucracy set up by the City of L.A. to shift the expense of cleaning our streets and trash recepticles from the City to private land owners. We pay property taxes for City Services but those funds have been diverted to other parts of the City at the expense of the Palisades.

  4. Sue says:

    BID stands for Business Improvement District. The owners of businesses within the district (see the map), which includes Palisades Elementary and the LADPW building are taxed a certain amount. That money is then used for certain projects in that area, such as street cleaning, trash pickup, tree lighting and promotion. The Village Green, which is also located in that district, is a nonprofit and has no income to pay towards annual taxes. Councilman Mike Bonin’s Senior Adviser Norm Kulla helped the Green extricate itself from the BID.

  5. Patty Dobrowitsky says:

    I don’t get it, don’t the stores want clean streets and sidewalks? Why don’t they just pay for it, outside of BID?

  6. V. Steen says:

    I suggest City Leaders read this and figure out how to clean the streets. There is no reason that the streets in this Community, located in Los Angeles County, should be filthy!! With the taxes that people in Pacific Palisades have to pay, this shouldn’t be an issue.
    Someone needs to be held accountable.


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