Letter: Coastal Permit Invalid; Waiting City Response

The oversized house wrecks neighbor’s views of the ocean in the Marquez area of Pacific Palisades. Neighbors feel it violates the Coastal Commission Guidelines.

(Editor’s note: The following letter was sent on March 28 and shared with Circling the News. Dersh had pointed out to the City in an earlier email that the building permit was issued in May 2016 and construction did not start until January 2020 with the demolition of the existing house. 

According to the Coastal Commission, “A permit which has not been used within the time specified in the permit, or, if no time is specified, within two years after the granting of the permit, shall become void and a Coastal Development Permit shall automatically cease to be in effect if the use for which the permit was granted has ceased or has been suspended for a consecutive period of two or more years.”)


To all City officials and concerned neighbors:

I have not received a response from the City to my March 19, 2021 email regarding the Coastal Development Permit for 16796 Marquez Ave., Pacific Palisades.  This email serves to provide our Marquez community and our City officials with a copy of the Coastal Development Procedures from 2016 (see attached) and to reiterate that the Marquez/Ida development was improperly allowed by the City to proceed with construction with a permit that was void.

Steven Dersh

Coastal Development Procedures 2016

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One Response to Letter: Coastal Permit Invalid; Waiting City Response

  1. Chris Casady says:

    How is it the City is not responsive to the tax payers who fund it? Not responsive to the citizens it works for? Who ARE they working for then?

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