LETTER: Ballona Wetlands Still under Destruction

Birds, such as this white-faced Ibis, need the Ballona Wetlands and should be protected by L.A. City, even as the homeless are destroying the habitat.
Photo: Paul Reinstein

(Editor’s note: regarding the systematic destruction of the Ballona Wetlands, and the three-part story CTN ran about the City unwilling to tell people who are illegally camped to move for fear of a lawsuit, CTN received a letter and a comment.)


LETTER: Ballona a Worse Situation

I was a volunteer naturalist for over two years, 2018 to 2020, and was asked to leave once the vaccinations for covid became mandatory because I have a health issue that prevents me from being vaccinated due to bad responses to such drugs.

We ran the Ballona Project sponsored by the Audubon Society where elementary-aged children were brought in and taken on educational tours of the wetlands. I learned so much and grew deeper in love with this amazing place and all the creatures who inhabit it.

Occasionally we’d see a homeless person passing through, but rarely. What’s going on there now is unbelievable.

I lead a weekly hiking group for women, and we’ve hiked the other side closest to the campers. All that the people who wrote to you about what’s going on and what’s been happening is true. I’ve stopped taking the group there as it appears a worse situation each time we go.


Thanks for the great articles on the RV at the wetlands problem. I hope the articles will get noticed in city hall.  I’ve been in Costa Rica.  Unlike us, protecting their environment is a priority.

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