Learn How to Operate an Amateur Radio (aka Ham Radio) at the American Legion

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A girl operates a ham radio.
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Earthquakes or fires may take out all forms of communication or prevent first responders from knowing about a dire need. Electricity may be out and people who only have a cell phone may not be able to communicate.

That is why many people turn to a long-time standby, Amateur Radio or Ham Radio.  People can use ham radio in emergencies to talk across town or across the nation without the Internet or cell phones.

Operators know the basic knowledge of radio technology and operating principals. They must pass an examination for the FCC license to operate on radio frequencies known as “amateur bands.”

The Ronald Reagan Palisades American Legion Post 283 has a ham radio club license (K161RL) as well as numerous pieces of equipment.

The club has languished but is searching to grow membership for those who are not licensed or for those who do have an FCC radio license and are interested in getting on the air to help promote club activities, such as emergency preparedness and public service. Post 283 is upgrading its HF antennas as well as evaluating the existing radio equipment.

Gerald Wells (KJ6KWS) said: “We have a small number of licensed members, but we are soliciting members who would like to get involved with the club and/or obtain their amateur radio license. We are working toward coordinating license classes for those potential new Hams.”

If you are interested, please contact Wells via email: geraldwellsinla@gmail.com.

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