Latest Caruso Store to Open

Monrow is located in the alley between Swarthmore Ave. and Monument St.

Monrow to Open in Alley

A special shed was placed in the alley of the Palisades Village, just off the concierge desk and by the escalators that go to the underground parking. It appears that the new Monrow clothing store will be opening soon.

Michelle Wenke and Megan George are the designers behind the brand’s  trademark “supersoft” fabric.

That space has been used by landscaping workers to store plants. One of the workers constructing the prefab structure said today a building permit was not needed because it’s prefab.

Yet, a resident told Circling the News that a permit is absolutely 100 percent required—“also they will need to show they have enough parking for the space.”

With General Porpoise, Rachel Zoe and Fleur du Mal leaving, the question is “Why did the new store not go in one of those spaces?” Circling the News will look for answers on Monday when City and Caruso offices are open.

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3 Responses to Latest Caruso Store to Open

  1. JACK ALLEN says:

    Carusoville has a large surplus of parking so adding a new store or stores is not a problem.

  2. Paula Deats says:

    “Large surplus of parking” – very droll! Heading toward “giant crypt”? Mr. Caruso and his family may live in neighboring Brentwood, but he doesn’t seem to understand that Pac. Pal. intentionally discourages conspicuous consumption. Many of the people of enormous wealth (and fame) who have moved here are have children whom they want raised with good values. They’re here for the dozen excellent, small, public and private schools. For rooting on their kids’ sports teams. For Movies in the Park, for the Parade, for the safe and clean public parks and recreation facilities. Over-spending on unnecessary things and over-paying for necessary things are not cool pastimes here. Learning about good values may be an expensive education for Mr. Caruso.

  3. Howard yonet says:

    Paula Deats comments 100 % on the mark . Also the newer residents didn’t mind that there were only a few bars. Caruso also didn’t realize that many of the homes in the palisades are owned and lived in by families who have there roots in the community since the 40’s and have modest incomes and life styles. Totally different origins than Bel Aire and Beverly Hills.

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