Kamer’s Study Highlights Traffic/Pedestrian Dangers in Will Rogers Beach Area


Resident Lou Kamer shared a preliminary traffic study he conducted in the Will Rogers State Beach Area, where Councilman Mike Bonin is proposing to house the homeless.

“I am putting out a call to residents, businesses, etc., to gather more of this kind of data to pass to the CAO office, so we can come up with other types of meaningful solutions that would satisfy the city, county, Judge Carter and the homeless’ needs,” Kamer told Circling the News in a May 26 email.

He shared a pedestrian death summary on Pacific Coast Highway, and said there are also plans to compile fire occurrences (and expenses), environmental and cluster mobility issues and threat assessments.

“My Company set out to quantify many of these safety concerns using publicly available data from National, State and Local Repositories,” Kamer wrote. “Below are two preliminary, unbiased views.”



At the proposed location, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is a crucial part of the State Highway system with an average of 160,000 vehicles per day passing through the corridor. (2020 Caltrans Annual Average Daily Traffic) as well as a major evacuation route for numerous cities and neighborhoods, including LA City and County, Malibu Route 5 and Topanga Evacuation Route.

The section of PCH which includes Will Rogers State Beach is also part of LA City and LA County’s Vision Zero High Injury Network (HIN). (A High Injury Network roadway is one with a high concentration of traffic collisions that result in severe injuries and deaths, with an emphasis on those involving people walking and bicycling.)

Vision Zero aims to reduce crashes by making sure that safety is priority #1 in all planning and implementations. The “PCH” HIN consists of 1.35 miles between mileposts 36.89-38.24 (Entrada to SeaView) and is the only such HIN in all of LA City located next to a beach parking lot.

This lot is not protected or isolated by ANY pedestrian impenetrable fencing or barriers. Crosswalks or tunnel crossings to commercial services are not located nearby.

Between 2010-2020, there were a total of 205 reported fatal or injury collisions with 14 pedestrian deaths or significant injuries within this area.

Collisions often disrupt or close the aforementioned evacuation roadways and overwhelm local and regional routes both upstream and downstream from the event, while increasing exhaust emissions, stress, and additional collisions on detour routes.

Any study of this location should include pedestrian safety evaluations and cost of improvements within the HIN across PCH, even for temporary solutions.

An additional analysis of pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities of homeless individuals should also be studied.


At 15 feet above sea level, the proposed location is the lowest elevation in this area of LA City and adjoining Santa Monica, making it more susceptible than any other location to High Tide, Storm Surge, and Wind Driven Events, as well as any mudslide or runoff issues from the nearby, unmapped and untested, George Wolfberg Park Area (Potrero Canyon). Also, during normal, non-extreme wind events, sand from the beach is dispersed onto the adjoining bike/pedestrian path and into the subterranean tunnels, thus increasing illegal, cross-highway pedestrian crossings.


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7 Responses to Kamer’s Study Highlights Traffic/Pedestrian Dangers in Will Rogers Beach Area

  1. Beth Holden-Garland says:

    I remember a big accident on PCH one afternoon and it jammed all cars going south to Los Angeles all along Sunset Blvd and UP to our streets in the Marquez Knolls, back to back to back for HOURS. Just pointing out that PCH is a very important way to commute back and forth and we need it open. We also don’t want people getting hurt that may not realize what they are stepping into. It’s actually very scary for pedestrians and drivers alike.

  2. Gilbert Dembo says:

    Dear Sue: Doing a great job on this story: By the way I believe that PCH is scenic Highway worthy of seeing. We are trying to improve the shoreline view, not impair it’s appearance.

  3. Karla J Gardner says:

    Lou for Mayor!

  4. lisa morrin says:

    hello lou
    it is lisa morrin and i have not been in the loop regarding this challenge. please let me knowhow i can help. cell is best for me if possible text or call
    thank you

  5. T.C. Macker says:

    Excellent reporting. And a big thank you to Lou. This is what we need to put in the public record. Also, I think a study or report on the fire danger given the proximity of the hillsides (bluffs) would be an excellent idea as well.

  6. Nina Madok says:

    Lou, can you please be more specific about the additional information you want gathered or you think the CAO would consider in the study, and which people in the Palisades have access to that information? For example, there has been some discussion that the parking lot was granted with restrictive covenants. I asked someone who works with title companies to pull the original information and history. By being more specific I think you can better tap into the resources available. This would also save $$ on legal fees, as this is some of the legwork attorneys preparing cases would do. Just a thought.

  7. Sue says:


    I emailed your message to Lou with your number.


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