Joyous Celebration at Public Library

Friends of the Library volunteer Karen Stigler welcomed people to the library.

Friends of the Palisades Library hosted a “grand reopening” celebration at the library, 861 Alma Real Drive on May 21.

And it was grand.

The library had been closed for nearly two years – first because of the pandemic and then in October 2020, a fire caused substantial damage to the roof.

On Saturday, the community room was opened for the first time in years, and photography from the Pali High 9th Annual Photo Show was on display.

The exhibition note stated: “This collection is the product of diverse perspectives evident in the school’s esteemed photography program. Under the guidance of teacher Rick Steil, students from all walks of life came together in introductory, advance and AP photography courses to create a body of work that expresses the world through their lenses.”

This was one of many photos on display in the community room.

There were opportunity raffles that included $100 gift certificate to PaliSkates, a basket of L.A. Public Libraries Best Books of 2021, a lava lamp, an art set – and for the kids there was a chance drawing for a butterfly garden, a LiteBrite game or a wooden U.S. States puzzle.

There were free giveaways that included cloth reusable bags, pencils, book markers, hand sanitizers and balls.

The Pacific Palisades 100th Birthday coloring contest entries, which had been sponsored by the Palisades Historical Society and the American Legion Post 283 Auxiliary, were displayed in the main library.

On the patio there were special cookies and treats, while a trio from the UCLA Gluck Old-Time Ensemble entertained an attentive audience.

Audience goers were told that much of the music played in the hour-long concert, stems from the Appalachian string band tradition. The genre is usually played on acoustic instruments, the most traditional being the fiddle and the banjo, but can also include the mandolin, upright or wash-tub bass, harmonica, dobro, accordian, jug and even the kazoo.

Oh—and books at the mini bookstore at the back of the library were half off. CTN picked up a “new” hardcover mystery for $1. Proceeds from the sale of the gently used, donated books go towards Library programs and materials.

To learn more about the Friends of the Library visit:

This UCLA Gluck Old-Time trio entertained.

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