Interfaith Thanksgiving Service Set for Monday at Corpus Christi; Local Firefighters Will Be Honored 

Clergy from Pacific Palisades lead an annual Interfaith Thanksgiving service. Photo courtesy of SRF

The annual Pacific Palisades Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, a multi-decade tradition, will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 25, at Corpus Christi Church, 880 Toyopa.

Community members are invited to share in this celebration of thanksgiving and unity as the clergy from nine houses of worship lead the service.

The religious leaders split the duties of the service, with one person chosen to give a short sermon and a second to read the Presidential Proclamation of Thanksgiving. Other clergy read special passages and an Interfaith choir performs.

This year, firefighters from Pacific Palisade Stations 23 and 69 will be honored and given a special blessing by the clergy.

  The program runs less than an hour and the message imparted is one of the nicest ways to celebrate the start of the holiday season.

Participating will be clergy from St. Matthew’s, Corpus Christi, Calvary, Palisades Lutheran, Palisades Presbyterian, Kehillat Israel, Methodist, Self-Realization and Church of Latter-Day Saints.

Didi Carr-Reuben, wife of KI Rabbi Emeritus Steven Carr- Reuben, wrote on Nextdoor: “It’s going to be a wonderful opportunity for our community as a whole to meet and show our collective gratitude for all that we have in our individual lives.

“Additionally, we’ll have the opportunity to show our undying gratitude for the incredible display of heroism our extraordinary fire people demonstrated time and again during the spate of recent fires that have threatened our beloved Pacific Palisades community.”

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