Homeless Man Doing Meth in Tunnel, then Unresponsive

When Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness volunteers traveled through the Roosevelt Tunnel, one of only two underpasses that connect Pacific Palisades with Will Rogers State Beach, they found a homeless man smoking methamphetamine. They told him he couldn’t smoke in the tunnels, and initially, he refused to move.

Meth User

After some persuasion, he left the tunnel, now fully in the grips of the drug. As one PPTFH member said, “he looked like an animal as he tried to navigate the sand.” LAPD was called.

Meth User 2

Members tried to ascertain if he was okay and at that point he went back in the tunnel and started throwing things. The volunteers kept people out of the tunnel and safe, until the man’s “drug-induced” high was spent.

Meth User Continued

The man then left the tunnel and buried himself in the sand. At that point volunteers and police went back to him and he was unresponsive.

Paramedics from LAFD were called and the man was transported to the hospital.

LAFD Station 69 Paramedics transported an unresponsive individual, who had been using meth to a local hospital.

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3 Responses to Homeless Man Doing Meth in Tunnel, then Unresponsive

  1. BT says:

    Forward this to Bonin, not that he’ll care.

  2. Joan says:

    Thank you to PPTFH volunteers for tending to the meth users. I used to walk through the tunnel very fast with a group of other beach goers I didn’t know- safety in numbers as I never new what I would encounter. However, for years now I’ve been driving to Temescal, parking there, and then walking across PCH to access the beach and bike path. And I live a 5 minute or less walk to these tunnels. If Mike Bonin wants us to walk more and get out of our cars, the tunnels should be safe for all.

  3. GARY BRAZINA says:

    Send this to Bonnin!!!! This will be the first of many if he has his way and moves his “homeless constituency” to the parking lots at State Beach

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