Helping – Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

This homeless man was sleeping on the sidewalk at Sunset Boulevard and Carey Street.

Many may have seen the gentleman sleeping at the corner of the Carey and Sunset, near the Coldwell Real Estate offices.

The Los Angeles Police Department Beach Detail tried to engage him, but the man said he was not interested in services from the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness.

One member of PPTFH reached out to him but wasn’t able to connect. He was asked where he came from and if he had family but didn’t answer. It appeared that he might be mentally ill, and he had a large bottle of alcohol with him.

Then, a resident of the Palisades started speaking with the man and found out he wanted a hotel room.

The resident booked a hotel room for a week, near Lancaster. The resident paid for the room and engaged an Uber to drive this man to the room.

The resident paid for the Uber driver, who was aware the hotel room would be under the resident’s name and that they were expecting the gentleman. He left the town on January 6 for his room.

Thanks goes to the resident, who helped this man. In a town where many complain, it’s refreshing to have someone see a problem and solve it – even if it’s a temporary fix.

During those seven days, maybe the man will have time to reflect and maybe in the future take services to gain a stable home.

The man waited for an Uber to take him to the motel.

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2 Responses to Helping – Because It’s the Right Thing to Do

  1. Dace Lawrence says:

    Doubt it, but nice try. Lancaster?

  2. Marge says:

    What an amazing thing for someone to do. To pay for a room (which the person asked for) and transportation there. Hats off to this resident !!

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