Heavy Voting in Pacific Palisades for the June Primary

In-person voting at the Palisades Recreation Center at the June 7 primary was busy.

Although L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk said only 14.45 % of registered voters cast ballots in the June 7 primary overall, poll workers at Pacific Palisades told Circling the News that they were busy.

At the Palisades Recreation Center, voters were required to put on a mask and use hand sanitizer or gloves before going to a voting booth. Estimated wait times at the four sites in the Palisades, the Rec Center, the Rustic Canyon Rec Center, the Presbyterian Church and Paul Revere Middle School, were less than 15 minutes.

CTN reached out to the Registrar on June 8 for the percentage of Pacific Palisades voters participating. When that information is received, this story will be updated.

The registrar noted that outstanding ballots are still being processed and could include conditional voter registration ballots, provisional ballot and Vote by Mail ballots. (Every registered voter in California received a Vote by Mail ballot.) According to the registrar, countywide there are still about 400,000 Vote by Mail ballots to be processed. That number could increase as more ballots that are postmarked by Election Day and received through June 14 are counted.

These results below were as of 2 a.m. June 8. The registrar will continue to update counts.

Circling the News saw a steady stream of voters use the voting box on June 7.


For Pacific Palisades residents, one of the most hotly contested seats in the primary was to replace Councilman Mike Bonin for Council District 11.

Bonin had been under a recall threat and although 39,000 signatures had been collected, the City Clerk said in January that the recall fell 1,252 signatures short of the 27,314 needed.

If Bonin had been recalled, it would not have allowed him to be appointed to any office under the City Charter for two years after that removal or resignation. Bonin then announced he would not seek reelection.

Eight candidates vied to replace him. In this election Erin Darling, who received Bonin’s endorsement had 9,760 votes (31.39 %) and Traci Park had 9,669 (31.10%).

Greg Good had 2,820 votes (9.07 %), Allison Holdorff Polhill had 2,769 (8.91%), Mike Newhouse had 2,366 votes (7.61 %), Jim Murez had 1,624 (5.22%), Mat Smith 1,516 (4.88%) and Midsanon “Soni” Lloyd had 567 (1.82%).

Traci Park

Erin Darling











The L.A. County Supervisor District 3 race to replace Sheila Kuehl, who is retiring, saw seven candidates running. Each county supervisor represents about two million people and the Supervisor Board oversees a $38.5 billion budget.

Although the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club endorsed Henry Stern, currently he is in third with 37,460 votes (21.99%) behind Bob Hertzberg who is leading with 58,027 votes (34%). Lindsey Horvath is in second with 42,098 votes (24.7 %). The top two candidates will face the runoff in November.


Congresswoman Karen Bass and businessman Rick Caruso received the most votes in the mayoral race and will face off in the November election.

Caruso, who held his victory party at The Grove, received 133,059 votes (42.14%) and Bass received 116,688 votes (36.95 %). Councilmember Kevin DeLeon received 23,665 votes (7.49%).

It should be interesting to see if DeLeon will throw his support to Caruso or Bass. Prior mayoral candidates Joe Buscaino, Mike Feuer and Ramit Varma dropped out of the race. Feuer endorsed Bass and Buscaino and Varma threw support to Caruso.


Mike Feuer was termed out as City Attorney. This important office examines contracts and ordinances to see if they are legal and litigates all civil actions on behalf of the City. This race, which had seven people running, is too close to definitively say which candidates will face off in November.

Marina Torres was leading with 57,693 votes (20.74%), in second was Faisal Gill with 55,101 votes (19.81%), third was Richard Kim with 55,078 (19.80 %) and, a close fourth, was Hydee Feldstein Soto 50,340 (18.10%).


City Controller Ron Galperin, who was termed out, ran for State Controller. He and Yvonne Yiu are basically in a tie for third. Most likely the top two candidates, Lanhee Chen and Malia Cohen will face each other in November.

The City’s fiscal watchdog, the controller’s office, will feature a runoff between Kenneth Mejia and Paul Koretz. Mejia had 101,246 votes (37.17 percent) and Koretz had 67,364 votes (24.73%)


The incumbent, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who has often “locked horns” with L.A. County Supervisors, will battle Robert Luna in November. Villanueva received 258,808 votes (34.38 %) and Luna 184,640 (24.53%).


Governor Newsom, who dodged a recall in 2021, received 462,997 votes (59.67%) and will face Brian Dahle, who received 87,340 votes (11.26%) in the November election.

The first post-election ballot count update is scheduled for Friday, June 10. California state law requires the RR/CC to complete and certify results within 30 days. (Visit: lavote.gov)

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