Groza and PaliSkates: Two Ways to Help with Home Schooling

Groza Recommends Activities:

Groza Learning Center in the 881 Alma Real building sent an email with a list of activities to cure home schooling boredom. One was baking.

The easiest way to teach kids fractions, which then leads to learning percentages, is through baking. Take a math day in the kitchen and produce cookies, cake or bread.

Pick up measuring cups and measuring spoons. Even as ingredients are measured, kids pick up the concept of how a fourth of a cup relates to a whole cup, and how many thirds it takes to make one cup.

Groza writes: “Unlike cooking, baking requires precision. Additionally, it teaches cooking terminology, units of measurement and following instructions. Math, Science, Reading Comprehension, Following Directions, Learning to Work as a Team are just few things covered under the fun activity of baking.”

They also recommend Michael’s, which offers a FaceBook Live arts and crafts activity every Wednesday at noon. Visit:

Groza offers academic help, too. Call: 424-231-5197 or visit:

Paliskates: Consider a Fun New Recess Time.

If you want a skateboard, Paliskate will deliver to your door.

Kids can’t go to the park, but they can go up and down the sidewalks on their block.

One parent contacted Paliskates, which is closed, and wanted to know if he could purchase a skateboard. “Yes,” was the answer. Owner Erica Simpson exchanged photos of boards with the man, so he could get exactly what he wanted.

Once the board was assembled, it was delivered to his doorstep.

Simpson said that in addition to skateboards, if people are walking by the Paliskates store window on Swarthmore and see something they would like, they can call and the store will deliver it. Or people can direct message them via Instagram (paliskates). The phone number is (424) 252-9993.

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