Goats Fail at Social Distancing

Thanks to Donna Fol for sending this video to Circling the News. The goats “ate” performed brush clearance on the El Medio bluffs from about Sunday through Thursday.

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2 Responses to Goats Fail at Social Distancing

  1. Kim Derby says:

    Does anyone realize that this many goats on that area of land for brush clearance is not only unnecessary but totally irresponsible? WTF?! And this is supposed to be funny or entertaining? Just get the job done at any cost? Come on people, let’s use some common sense as well as kindness and decency when dealing with people AND animals.

  2. Kathleen Jensen says:

    Hi Sue, I hope it’s OK to post&share this video of the goats on my FB page. If not, let me know& I’ll remove it. Am reading CTN daily from where I’m staying in Virginia until it’s safe to fly into LAX again. Best to All in the Pacific Palisades community.
    Kathleen Jensen

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