Follow Up about Pacific Palisades Post Office Delivery Woes

Pacific Palisades has had recent troubles with mail delivery.

Circling the News received numerous notes from people regarding a December 3 CTN story “U.S. Postal Service Spokeswoman Claims The Palisades Post Office ‘Is Not Understaffed.’”

One letter was specific:

“The idea that Post Office management would deny being understaffed is laughable when that is precisely what the carriers are telling the community. A couple weeks ago when we didn’t get our mail, a relief carrier told me that 10 people had called in sick that day plus they were understaffed to start with — and that most of the carriers were handling double routes.

“Last year when we spoke at the meeting with the USPS regarding stolen mail and check fraud problem (of which we were victims), I recall the area supervisor telling us one of the issues was that Uco Johnson had been pulled out of 90272 on a special assignment, but now that he was back all would be wonderful. Looks like he’s gone again?”

The notes, including this one, were sent to Evelina Ramirez, USPS Corporate Communications for media relations, who responded in a December 6 email.

“The post office delivers mail as mail is received.  To help with the additional volume during the holiday season, Pacific Palisades Post Office will be bringing on additional help.

“When a customer says, ‘I’m not getting First-Class Mail,’ that doesn’t give us much to go on. We need specifics. Therefore, if a customer is expecting a particular mail piece and does not receive it as expected, it is best to contact the sender directly to advise them.

“If you have not already signed up for Informed Delivery, I highly recommend it. Informed Delivery is an innovative free and optional feature from the Postal Service available to eligible residential consumers and P.O. Box users nationwide.  Consumers that sign up can digitally preview their mail and manage packages scheduled to arrive soon via email notification or mobile app.

“If a Pacific Palisades customer is experiencing mail delivery issues, he/she can reach out to the Postmaster at (310) 454-3475 to discuss their concerns so that we can follow up as necessary,” Evelina Ramirez wrote.

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6 Responses to Follow Up about Pacific Palisades Post Office Delivery Woes

  1. Marge Gold says:

    We feel sorry for the mail carriers who are delivering mail after dark, some with headlamps on. This is a regular occurrence in our neighborhood.

  2. Betsy Handler says:

    We didn’t get yesterday’s mail until after 6 pm. We’re on Marinette. This happens almost once a week.

  3. Mary Jo Stirling says:

    I have a problem with Informed Delivery. I only get a digital preview about once a month instead of daily as promised.

  4. Sue says:

    Mary Jo, please let the Post Office know. It’s only through “complaints” that they know and can rectify situations.

  5. Mary M Petersen says:

    I, too, feel for the mail carriers. Some days I receive no mail, only to receive more than a day’s worth the following day. Last night my mail was delivered at 8 pm.

  6. Margaret Fulton says:

    Friday I got my mail after 9:00 p.m. . And I had a trek notice on a package so it goes off when she puts the mail on my box plus I saw her since I was at home cooking a late dinner. This is in the Highlands

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