Fireworks Show Returns to the Palisades July 4

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Fireworks will be shot off this year in Pacific Palisades. This photo was taken by Morgan Genser from a prior Palisades show.

There will be a fireworks show in Pacific Palisades at 9 p.m. on Sunday, July 4. Tickets will be sold ($5) online (

There may be limited seating at the Palisades High School stadium, so fewer tickets will be sold than in previous years. There will be NO tickets sold at the Gate, and only those with a ticket will be admitted to the field.

No food, drinks, silly string, poppers, large bags or chairs will be allowed on the field. Gates will open at 8 p.m. (There is no concert this year, but it will return in 2022.)

Leading up to the Fourth of July last year, residents complained about the number of illegal fireworks being shot off from the local beaches and hillsides. Officials urge everyone to let professionals set off the fireworks and keep the community safe.

This year, instead of the normal 13.45 inches of rain (measured at the end of June), the total was only 4.26 inches—which means the mountains around the town are tinder dry, and illegal fireworks could spark a devastating fire.

Illegal fireworks should be reported.

Circling the News was excited to learn that according to Brad Fingard, Eric Garcetti’s West Area representative, the City has a fireworks complaint site: Safer L.A.Compliance (

Then, CTN went to the site. The first page of four that need to be filled out, includes one’s name, address, business and whether you would like to remain anonymous.

The second page requires a suspect description.

The third page asks for a description of the incident, and then you are directed to: Tell us more about the nature of your complaint. When did it happen and a description.

The fourth page deals with location. You need to fill in the incident location, the incident cross street, the incident street direction, the incident street name, the incident street type, the incident City, the incident State and the incident Zip Code.

After filling out the four pages, you can finally submit the complaint.

(Editor’s note: This form does not seem particularly helpful when you are trying to report someone who is shooting off fireworks late at night and there’s a brushfire threat.)


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