Fencing Plans for George Wolfberg Park at Potrero

A six-foot, chain-link, vinyl-coated fence will be at the Friends Street entrance at George Wolfberg Park at Potrero.

The 46-acre George Wolfberg Park in Potrero Canyon is currently undergoing landscaping, which is scheduled to be completed in early 2022.

State legislators have approved funding ($11 million) to build a pedestrian bridge that connects the park with Will Rogers State Beach. The money most likely will be appropriated this month, with L.A. City engineers working on the design with Caltrans oversight.

Several residents were concerned about the announced fencing plans for the park, so Circling the News contacted Councilman Mike Bonin’s field deputy Noah Fleishman for more details.

In an August 16 email, Fleishman said: “There will be a four-foot, chain-link, vinyl-coated fence around the perimeter of the park to delineate between private property and park property.

“The perimeter fence will be continuous and there will not be private access points to the public park for property owners on the rim. The four-foot fence will have six-inch vertical gaps in it every 100-linear feet to allow wildlife to pass through the fence.”

He emphasized that the gaps are not intended, nor sized, for pedestrian/public access.

Fleishman was asked if owners can build their own backyard fence. “If they wish and with appropriate permits, private property owners can build fences on their own property,” he said.

At the park entrances at Frontera Drive (by the lower tennis courts), on the north side of the baseball field and at the mouth of Potrero, a six-foot fence will be opened and closed on a timer.

The length of Friends Street that borders the canyon will also have a six-foot fence and the section of the fence with the gate will be seven-feet high.


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