DRB Holds Final Hearing for Exterior Look of the Historic Business Block Building

The color on the far left, percale, will be the new color of the building and the accent color is crisp muslin. The awning color is the far right.


Surprisingly, there was no public comment as the Palisades Design Review Board held a final review regarding the town’s historic Business Block Building on December 9.

The Zoom meeting was held to discuss the proposed new awnings, lighting and exterior paint color for the building, located on Sunset and Antioch at Swarthmore.

(Circling the News did not publicize the meeting because the meeting notice was sent on November 24 (before Thanksgiving) and went to spam, not to discovered until December 10.)

If residents were counting on reading a posted agenda for the meeting on the building site, this was not done, either. The last DRB posting regarding the building was July 22.

Circling the News contacted City Planner Nick Vasuthasawat on December 10 and asked, “Now that everything is virtual, what are the posting regulations that meet the Brown Act?”

He responded, “Good question. The notice and posting regulations have not changed. Notice is provided 72 hours prior to the meeting on the website and physically posted at the project site.

“Virtual meetings have replaced physical meetings, given the governor’s executive orders, which is also stated at the beginning of each meeting. In addition to the Brown Act, we use LAMC noticing requirements for properties located within a 100-foot radius of the project site.”

This posting was not done on the building – the “project site.” CTN took photos on December 10 and sent them to City Planning, showing that the last posting was for the July meeting. Additionally, a new structure seemed to be going up at Casa Nostra on Sunset and CTN asked if it had been approved by the DRB.

Several members of the Palisades DRB confirmed to CTN that they had not spoken about the new awning that is now up with lights in front of Casa Nostra.

We confirmed that colors have been approved for the Business Block Building. (Visit https://tinyurl.com/y2d9w82m).

A second item on the agenda was a final review for 107-111 W. Channel Rd. in Santa Monica Canyon, regarding changing the use of two existing guest rooms to two units and exterior remodel of two buildings consisting of new siding, roof, windows, balconies, courtyard, planter, fence and paint. (Applicant and Property Owner: Pacific Partners Group, LLC, and Representative Henry Ramirez). CTN learned that this project was discussed and would come again before the DRB.

If you failed to get a notice of the posting, please notify Vasuthasawat at nick.vasuthasawat@lacity.org and cc Circling the News at editor@circlingthenews.com.

Vasuthasawat said the notices are also posted on the Department of City Planning website: planning.lacity.org.

This is the proposal for the corner of Chautauqua, PCH and West Channel Road.

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2 Responses to DRB Holds Final Hearing for Exterior Look of the Historic Business Block Building

  1. Viana Lake says:

    Why on earth does every project have to be white with black trim? Palisades Village, the original concept for the Pink Building, every single new home construction, and now this Chautauqua/PCH remodel. Can someone please find a tiny bit of imagination so this town doesn’t end up looking like a big planned development? Unless that’s what everyone wants. I dunno. Thanks…

  2. Joan says:

    Did not receive a mailed notice….but I did see it posted on the structure as I drove by. No time to read it so thanks for staying on top of this. I was wondering which direction they were going in because anything commercial would’ve required more parking spaces. Wondering if the recent face lift (on the corner restaurant building) across the street had anything to do with this? And it’ll most likely be air b n b given what’s happen to the rental market.

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