Do Not Leave Condoms or Broken Glass on the Village Green

Village Green, which is the private park in the heart of the town, was vandalized.

Circling the News was at the Village Green Friday morning and found the nonprofit’s President, Marge Gold, picking up trash.

A resident had emailed Gold that there was broken glass, foam on the Arnie Wishnick Bench and on some of the lawn, and condoms.

As she used an extended reach grabber tool to pick up a condom, CTN wants all residents to ask themselves, “Should a grandmother be picking up used rubbers?”

Gold is a resident, who is trying to keep the Green in useable condition for everyone.

Later Green would write Village Green board members, “This morning (Friday) right before noon I stopped at the Village Green to find it had been vandalized last night.

“I found white stuff sprayed around, particular on Arnie’s bench, at least four condoms, and broken glass by the bricks where the fountain.  I picked up and cleaned it up as best I could.  At this point, I really have no words.  I believe it was kids.”

The Village Green is not a city park, it is a private park, run by a nonprofit for the community’s use.

Initially, there was a gas station in the space.

In 1972, Standard Oil decided not to renew its lease. The newly organized Pacific Palisades Community Council established a five-member Village Green Committee and signed a lease giving the committee an option to buy the land — if it could raise the necessary funds.

Starting in October that year, nearly $70,000 was raised. About $46,000 was used to purchase the land and the rest of the money went to park development.

The Palisades Village Green was certified as a California nonprofit and formally dedicated on August 17, 1973.

All residents are invited to join the board, which annually must raise nearly $30,000 to pay DWP, the gardeners, fountain upkeep, rodent removal, landscaping (and tree trimming) and trash pickup. (Visit:


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2 Responses to Do Not Leave Condoms or Broken Glass on the Village Green

  1. Betsy Collins says:

    Thank you for reporting this. As a Village Green Board member, I am astonished at the vandalism that occurs here so often. We are a dedicated bunch of volunteers who try to keep this little park free and safe for all to enjoy. We need everyone’s help to keep it that way.

  2. Mike Kafka says:

    It is unconscionable that a resident would take the time to send an email to the Village Green Board President, an not pick up the trash themselves.

    Please carry a pair of gloves in your pocket/purse, and help keep our village clean.

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